June 23, 2024

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EXIT SPOILER Survivor 30-5: CLOSED! He left!

EXIT SPOILER Survivor 30-5: CLOSED!  He left!

Which player will leave Survivor tonight? The result is determined by who leaves tonight.

Survivor 30-5 Spoiler Exit: Closed Survivor spoiler For the player to exit Survivor this week. The forecast was tough. Celebrities or fighters finally lose a player on Thursday’s (30-5) episode of Survival Game sky;

One duel after another. In the first duel we have three players. Dallaka, Christoforos and Stamatis played to avoid the start.

We know what happened to her. Because the favorite to stay was big. Caterina Dallacca stayed. The question was between Stamatis and Christophoros. Finally Christopher lost.

In other words, Christophoros, Dora, and George Papacharalambos are ultimately fighting for survival.

What finally happened in the duel?

Who leaves Survivor 2024;

Exit Spoiler Survivor 30-5: He Leaves!

Vote for whoever you want to let Survivor go on as usual. vote here The player you would like to see out of the game. So, let’s see the trend. To find out what you like and get an idea when the vote is back.

Then retire after some time in the game. Two weeks, no players left.

He leaves – listen to the video

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