June 19, 2024

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Since then I’ve happened to have a dressing room on set, which we call “Saint Beezus.”

Since then I’ve happened to have a dressing room on set, which we call “Saint Beezus.”

the Alexandra Pantelaki She talked about her cooperation with him John Bezos And Katerina Lykos in “happy together”While love was also mentioned.

The actress spoke on Breakfast@Star and initially said:I happen to have a dressing room and clothing set since Happy Together. We say “Saint Beezos.”

Then she mentioned her collaboration with the actor. “Such generosity, such love, such laughter. Of course he is also strict, so don’t be late. You’re late, you’re dead. ‘Why are you late?’ He would say, with a murderous look, ‘Don’t do that again,'” he said. He said.

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As for Katerina Licho, she said: “We have connections. Always for girls, they give me something beautiful. The next thing is that I have a daughter, Panagiota Flanz, another beauty.”
Finally, she talked about love, and also about her relationship with her husband after 25 years of marriage. “Love doesn’t demand anything from you, as long as you are open. I consider it a gift from God to me and my husband. The great thing about my husband is that we have been married for 25 years, and it feels like we met yesterday.”“, he said in conclusion.

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