June 23, 2024

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Survivor Spoiler Departure 5/31: George Papacharalambous Got This Money – List In Detail

Survivor Spoiler Departure 5/31: George Papacharalambous Got This Money – List In Detail

George Papacharalambous is leaving Survivor after 13 weeks! You will get this money, remember the list

Departure of the spoiler Al-Naji 5/31: It’s the twenty-first week Survivor 2024 In progress and George Papacharalambous It’s past.

the George Lianos She announced her decision to leave after she seriously injured herself on his reality show SkyeWith George’s return to Greece.

Nicholas Gifts, Christopher Taxidis And George Papacharalambous They fought their own battle, and the latter did not succeed in the end, as we told you earlier in the relevant section Spoilers for who’s leaving.

After about three weeks, we, with players having to fight four duels at the time, transitioned to a new dueling system.

Clearly, sir George Papacharalambous He was one of the outsiders, lagging behind in his speed compared to the rest of the players. Statistics prove this, as its success rate is less than 40%, which puts it in last place among the rest.

However, the world is in MEGA poll conducted by Sportime on who wants to leaveIt was clear.

From there, just calculate the financials in Survivor. Her salary is 1000 euros per week. If they were famous, of course, he would get €9,000, but he’ll have to make do with that.

He managed to stay in Santo Domingo for 13 weeks, and €1,000 was deposited into his bank account every week, for a total of €13,000. Not bad huh?

Spoiler Departure Survivor 5/31: Financial Statement

  • Alexis Pappas 135,000
  • Savas Gentsoglou 135.00
  • Stavroula Chrysaidi 112000
  • James Kaftzis 110,000
  • Asimina Chatziandrio 108,000
  • Maria Antona 45,000
  • Olga Belyaki 35000
  • Nikos Janus 35000
  • Giannis Berpataris 16,000
  • George Papacharalambous 13000
  • Era Antomatite 13000
  • Ioana Tzavela 13,000
  • Thodoris Turkoggiorgos 12000
  • Christy Katharia 12000
  • Christos Volikakis 12000
  • Anastasia Tseros 10000
  • Marilena Facundio 10000
  • Zoe Asumanaki 6000
  • Rob James 5000
  • Eugenia Burla 5000
  • Pavlos Papadopoulos 4000
  • Nikos Rekonakis 4000
  • Elena Amanatidou 3000
  • Sotiris Lamay 2000
  • Andriana kaya 1000
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