October 4, 2023

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Experience Saturnalia, the apocalyptic survival horror game!

Experience Saturnalia, the apocalyptic survival horror game!

A successful survival horror game called “Saturnalia”, which is exclusively available for the Epic Games Store (for PC) will be released very soon on steam. The happy news was presented to the public by the Santa Ragion development team.

The game will soon be available on Valve’s platform, and to celebrate, a demo lasting about 40 minutes has been released, so you can see for yourself why most people will appreciate it. Yes, you can play part of the game starting today via the Steam platform.

In addition, Santa Ragion has also released a new trailer titled “Saturnalia – Coming to Steam Trailer”, which wants your “bread” to enter this strange world.

Download the demo for Saturnalia By clicking here.

The official synopsis for the game states:

A single-player survival horror adventure: Play with a group of characters as they explore an isolated village haunted by ancient rituals – but beware, its labyrinthine streets will change every time you lose all your characters.

The studio also revealed that with its release on Steam, it will also receive several new features, such as first-person mode, photo mode, and more.

Saturnalia is available on consoles and will be officially released soon on Steam.

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