February 22, 2024

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Explain the management tendency and show how OFI works

Explain the management tendency and show how OFI works

Baby Mel may disappoint, but OFI managers do it even more so.

After her failure Kifisia climate in OFI It is particularly heavy. the Babymail He came forward and did not rule out the possibility of leaving.

This is a very important statement for the future of OFI. Just as important, there are some other things he said that help anyone understand exactly what is going on.

Before we go there, it's a given that not all people are suited to all jobs. Mel's career cannot be disputed. He only succeeded in his home country, but he did so at a very high level. However, it is clear that he cannot give OFI what it needs.

It does not fit our ball, it does not know it, and it never entered into the meaning. He has played strongly for teams like Aris and PAOK away from home. He lost regularly in many matches until he started to pull himself together.

No one had a worse start By mile, while the negatives don't stop there. In eleven matches he had only one win (1-3-7) and a goal percentage of 7-20. He's taken over a team to make it better and he's messing around, but the responsibilities don't fall solely on his shoulders. In fact, the largest share is not even his.

Mel got them off the bar

After the defeat to Kifisia, Mel not only spoke about his future, but also about the workings of OFI. This was interesting. Because someone who lives the club from the inside said it.

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In essence, the Spaniard confirmed what we all see, which is that there is no plan. The explanation of how OFI plays is clear. The Cretans became the target of his obsessions Valdas Dabrauskas Thus numbing the entire season.

What's even more interesting is what Mill said about conversions. “The players I suggested were more expensive, and the ones who came were cheaper.” According to him, OFI did not satisfy his desires. This is not the first time the Cretans have hated their coach. We've seen this play before.

It is clear who makes the decisions and what the outcomes are. From player selections to coaches' selections, many things play a role. Public relations has its fair share. The only loser in this is OFI itself.