February 22, 2024

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Manchester City 1-3: Foden's amazing hat-trick turned things around and brought Liverpool closer

Manchester City 1-3: Foden's amazing hat-trick turned things around and brought Liverpool closer

Manchester City found themselves trailing on the scoreboard, but the impressive Foden, who scored a hat-trick, turned the tables on Brentford with a 1-3 away win in Round 23 of the Premier League.

The great Phil Foden celebrated a hat-trick to ruin Brentford's hopes as Manchester City overcame a 3-1 deficit and emerged with a brace in Round 23 of the English Premier League.

The Citizens team dominated the course of play, but the home team found a way to take the lead in the first half. Foden equalized before the end of the first half, but two more goals and a hat-trick sealed the win for his team.

the match

After a mistake by Rodri and a lack of understanding in City’s defense, it almost cost Bradford the threat until the third minute of the match. Jensen turned to find Toni in the area but Dias got a header and blocked it with double effort.

The city answered p10', Alvarez shot a strong ball from outside the area, but it was blocked. The “Bees” goalkeeper was the face of the match, and until Foden violated his goal in the final stoppage time of the first half, he stood like a “rock.”

The Dutchman once again blocked Alvarez's shot in the 14th minute, low into his right corner, while in the same minute he fired a cross.Reasonable tackle on Walker's fireball.

Brentford took the lead in the 21st minute when Moby put City's defense to sleep. He went four goals to four with Ederson and beat him with a 1-0 shot. In fact, the assist was from Let it be, who passed the ball to Moby.

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at 23' As the Dutch goalkeeper said, “Let it be no to Haaland,” with the Norwegian missing contact, and three minutes later he stopped again atGuardiol's powerful shot

It was almost 2-0, but S.J Anderson wasn't surprised by Reguilon's shot 38'. The Spaniard shot the ball, and the ball rebounded, but the City goalkeeper saved Bradford's second goal.

However, the goal that City was desperately looking for came in the 45+3 minute. De Bruyne shot the ball and Pinnock headed it away but the ball found its way to Foden who got down and shot, beating Let it be this time to make it 1-1.

In the second half, City turned the match around again with the signing of Foden. De Bruyne sent a wonderful cross pass to Foden at the height of the penalty kick and sent the ball into the net to make the score 1-2 in the 53rd minute, while he completed the opposite in the 70th minute and scored a hat-trick.

Bradford: So be it, Collins, Pinnock, Mee, Rorslev, Jensen, Neergaard, Janelt, Reguilon, Tony, Moby.

Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Diaz, Ake, Guardiol, Rodri, Silva, Alvarez, De Bruyne, Foden, Haaland.

Round 23 results

  • Everton – Tottenham 2-2 (30' Calvert-Lewin, 90+8' Branthwaite / 4', 41' Richarlison)
  • Brighton – Crystal Palace 4-1 (3' Dunk, 33' Henselwood, 34' Buonanotti, 84' Pedro / 71' Mateta)
  • Burnley – Fulham 2-2 (71', 90+1' Fofana / 17' Balinha, 21' Muniz)
  • Newcastle – Luton 4-4 (7', 23' Longstaff, 67' Trippier, 73' Barnes / 21' Owusu, 40' Barkley, 59' Pen. Morris, 62' Adebayo)
  • Sheffield United – Aston Villa 0-5 (12' McGinn, 16' Watkins, 20' Bailly, 30' Tielemans, 47' Moreno).
  • Bournemouth – Nottingham 1-1 (5' Kluivert / 45' Hudson-Ondoy)
  • Chelsea – Wolves 2-4 (19' Palmer, 86' Silva / 22', 63', 82' Pen. Kunha, 43' Otto. Disasi)
  • Manchester United – West Ham 3-0 (23' Hoylund, 49', 64' Garnazo)
  • Arsenal – Liverpool 3-1 (14' Saka, 67' Martinelli, 90+6'΄Trossar / 45+3' auto. Magaliaes)
  • Brentford – Manchester City 1-3 (21' Moby / 45'+3', 53', 70' Foden)
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Round 24 programme

  • 10/02 14:30 Manchester City – Everton
  • 10/02 17:00 Wolves – Brentford
  • 10/02 17:00 Fulham – Bournemouth
  • 10/02 17:00 Tottenham – Brighton
  • 10/02 17:00 Luton – Sheffield United
  • 10/02 17:00 Liverpool – Burnley
  • 10/02 19:30 Nottingham – Newcastle
  • 11/02 16:00 West Ham – Arsenal
  • 11/02 18:30 Aston Villa – Manchester United
  • 12/02 22:00 Crystal Palace – Chelsea