April 18, 2024

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F-4 Phantom Crash: Crash Map The Pilots Carried With Them

F-4 Phantom Crash: Crash Map The Pilots Carried With Them

The families of the ill-fated pilots are overwhelmed with grief Phantom F4 crash in Andhra Pradesh While the armed forces They grieve the loss Lt. Marios – Michael Turutsikas and Lt. Efstathios Sitlakids.

Wreckage and discoveries from last Monday’s plane crash Map Pilots carry them in their uniforms and use them in cases of forced landings.

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Especially, in the photo he released to the public patrisnews, the map shows the route that pilots should follow if for any reason they have to land at a different airport from the one they took off from. In this particular case, if the two pilots of the fatal phantom were unable to land at Andhravidas at 117 AM, they had to follow the route indicated on the map to land at Larissa air base.

“The sea is full of kerosene”

The head of Zakynthos fishermen, Panagiotis Roussos, was one of the first to spot the fatal Phantom F-4E as it passed by the area where he was fishing off the Ionian Sea and was one of the first to arrive at the crash site.

“At 10:30 I saw the planes go up and at some point I was notified by the Zakynthos Port Authority that one of the two planes had crashed into the sea. The planes flew over me at a height of 100 meters. About 10 minutes later, I was immediately informed by the Zakynthos Port Authority, but I was about 20 nautical miles away. It was too late to go because of the distance. I was very impressed by the amount of smoke. Both planes flew at the same altitude, about 500 meters side by side. The wreckage found was about 8 miles south of Katakolos. At this position the sea was filled with kerosene. The other plane was lost on radar, and it “It immediately showed the collapse. Air Force personnel came with an inflatable boat and measured the depth to be around 800 meters,” said Mr. Rousseau said. Ililiv.

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