March 4, 2024

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Alexandroupoli Hospital: 139 employees “on the street” suddenly.

Alexandroupoli Hospital: 139 employees “on the street” suddenly.

In termination of employment 139 employees, the commander of Alexandroupolis Hospital hired a contractor.

139 employees of the Alexandroupoli hospital were left “on the street” as the commander laid off employees who worked as cleaners, bank tellers, garment workers, security guards and cooks.

The workers complained that they would be laid off in March, with the contract expiring in June. A hospital employee complains that the commander fired them because of his…ideology.

“Last Friday we had a meeting with the administrator of the hospital where he officially informed us that by the end of March and the beginning of April, a contractor would be coming. His position was very clear and definite. He told us that he wanted a contractor completely out of ideology. We feel cheated because We faced very difficult situations,” he said.

“For 3.5 years, we have given everything amid epidemics, epidemics, coronavirus, and now it is throwing us away because of ideology. For 3.5 years they have used us, we have not seen our children or our parents,” said Mrs. Elizabeth Barry, another employee of the hospital.

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