May 28, 2024

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Fake news about Ukraine-Russia: Beware of spreading rumors – Europe – International

In recent days, the world has seen hundreds of images of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photos and videos spread the attacks, clashes, devastation and gloomy panorama facing people in urban centers.

As usual, misinformation is shared at the same time, which creates misinformation. These are data, photos or records that are not relevant to the current situation.

You should not believe some fake news related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

There are no photos of the president on the battlefield these days

Images posted on social media pages and profiles show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky wearing a military uniform. Some of the news that comes with these pictures indicates that the President is currently on the battlefield, along with the general forces facing the Russian invasion.

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Colombiacheck, a media dedicated primarily to verifying information and misinformation, said the images circulating these days were first released in 2021.

In fact, they are similar to the President’s visit to Ukrainian troops, which can be found on the country’s Defense Ministry’s website. To achieve this, ColumbiaCheck did a reverse search of images on tools such as Tineye, Bing and Google.

Video game that passes as a fake video of conflicts

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As pointed out by the German media DW, there are widespread reports of clashes in Ukraine, in which Russian forces can be seen carrying out attacks. However, The pictures actually came from the video game ‘Arma 3’.

According to the DW, this is not the first time such material has been presented as “fight scenes”; This is what happened during the crisis in Afghanistan last year. For that reason, it is necessary to be careful when believing (and sharing) the alleged records of the situation experienced in the Ukrainian territory.

To combat misinformation, it is recommended to consult and correct the data with reliable sources; For example, the Ukrainian media and official channels.

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The dancers are not Russians

Another record of people dancing in uniform has been posted on networks as a group of Russians preparing for war. Again, this is a ‘fake’.

DW explained that the video is similar to the concert of the Uzbek military band in 2018 at the subway station. To that end, they did a reverse search, with the results, using Google Maps to find its source.