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US: Russia responds to human rights abuses in Ukraine

This content was released on 01 March 2022 – 16:31

GENEVA, March 1 (EFE) .- U.S. representatives to the UN Human Rights Council, whose resolution on possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine will be discussed this week, pledged today that “the United States will work to confirm the perpetrators.” The abusers accept their responsibilities “.

The U.S. Undersecretary of State for Human Rights and Democracy told reporters in Geneva, “We are committed to prosecuting human rights abuses and humanitarian law, using all possible means.”

Zia stressed that some Russian bombings “targeted non-military areas, including schools, orphanages, hospitals and apartments,” causing at least hundreds of civilian deaths and more than 300 injuries. Over 350).

“Russia’s brutal war against the sovereign, democratic and peaceful nation of Ukraine is causing a humanitarian and human rights catastrophe,” he said, criticizing Moscow for using missiles near the Chernobyl plant.

The North American envoy announced that Russia’s international isolation was also being verified at the Human Rights Council, which began in Geneva this week, and that Russia was able to get only 4 of the 47 member states to vote against the debate this week. About its aggression against Ukraine.

He recalled that these countries were China, Cuba, Venezuela and Eritrea.

Zia stressed that Russia’s human rights abuses took place long before the invasion of Ukraine: “We know the devastation of past Russian actions, including arbitrary and extrajudicial killings, abductions and enforced disappearances, torture and other serious violations.”

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The Undersecretary of State criticized Belarus for “not only facilitating this brutal and unjust war, but also preparing to join this struggle against peaceful neighbors.” EFE

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