July 22, 2024

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Farmers, breeders, beekeepers in Nikaya Larisa

Farmers, breeders, beekeepers in Nikaya Larisa

Today is an important day for the future of farmers' mobilizations, as a nationwide farmers' meeting is being held at Nikaya in Larissa at 12 noon, where they are expected to decide on the next steps.

According to the latest information, the possibility of farmers blocking national roads and the Isthmus of Corinth has fallen on the “table”. A descent into Athens with tractors and a demonstration outside the parliamentClosure of large customs offices, but mobilization of agricultural machinery in the centers of the country's major cities.

Representatives of Central Macedonia's farmers, breeders, beekeepers and fishermen are “present” at today's meeting of the Pan-Hellenic Blockade Committee in Nikaia Larisa, while announcing their determination to strengthen the blockades they have set up and intensify their mobilization. .

The pan-Hellenic meeting to be held at the Nice Cultural Center at 12 noon is also indicated whether or not farmers, breeders, beekeepers and fishermen from all over northern Greece have staged a blockade. Or not. “Some in their fields cannot leave their fields or their livestock units, although they do not come to the roadblocks that are set up every day, they told us that they stand by our side and support our mobilization. Way,” he notes, APE, Lagada farmer, Kostas Hatziparadeisis.

Meanwhile, participants in the 13-day road blockade at the Nea Moudani junction are expected to hold a two-hour blockade in both directions from 18.00 today on the Nea Moudani – Thessaloniki highway.

Agricultural blockades have been set up in various parts of Imathia, Piraeus and Pella provinces, while farmers from Malgara and surrounding villages have lined up their tractors and agricultural vehicles at the Malgara junction, the exit to Thessaloniki. .

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As Christos Sideropoulos, representative of the agricultural cooperative of Larissa, pointed out, the demands of farmers are common across Greece, while he does not rule out taking a look at the images of Germany, France and Italy with intent. The government is under pressure to change its decisions.

“We will collectively decide our course of action and how to handle the situation after the Prime Minister's announcements that do not satisfy us. That is why we have proposed to step up the mobilization and take to the national road with tractors,” said Risos Marudas, representative of Union Farmers of Larissa.

Before the meeting of coordination committees, a rally will be held in Larisa at 12 noon, and in Trikala, at the same time, an anti-motor vehicle demonstration in the center of the city and a rally before 11.00. In the swimming pool.

Mitsotakis: He didn't rule out meeting with them

However, speaking to journalists, the Prime Minister did not rule out a meeting with the director of his press office, Dimitris Tsiotra, while presenting the book, saying that he would first wait for them to make decisions.

Asked if he would like to meet the farmers from the blockade in the next few days, Kyriakos Mitsotakis replied: “Let them sit first to take decisions. However, a meeting with them has not been ruled out. We have not ruled out anything.”

Identification mobilizations 24 hours before the meeting

Yesterday, Halkidiki farmers set out with their tractors to reach the Ministry of Macedonia.

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A line of policemen at Lakoma Place blocked their way. Tension prevailed as farmers broke roadblocks and police tried to break through lanes and fields.

Finally the farmers decided to continue the hour-long blockade at the designated point before returning to their block in the afternoon.

Farmers have been erecting and strengthening roadblocks at important locations every day for ten days.

They are agricultural blocks everywhere in Thessaloniki, at the junction of Derveni, at Kouloura of Imathia, at Nea Moudania of Halkidiki, at the junction of Karditsa, at Platykambos of Larissa, at Jarko Trigala, at Vonitsa, at the Boeotia Castle, at the entrance to the Scala Atlantis, Astros Kynourias.

On Monday morning (05/02), Messinian farmers held a motor procession in the center of Kalamada. After the rally, they staged a road blockade at the KTEL bus junction.

In addition to Kalamata, new roadblocks were erected over the weekend at Strymoniko junction in Sers, Ermitsa Akrinio in Agios Nikolaos, a pedestrian crossing in Heraklion, Crete, and Megala Sorafia in Chania.

The producers of Zakynthos held a huge motorcade with tractors and agricultural vehicles.