May 22, 2024

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February 28 – Today's Feast: Confession of St. Basil

February 28 – Today's Feast: Confession of St. Basil

today Holiday: Today, February 28, our Church honors the memory of Saint Basil Basil. Saint Basil the Confessor lived and worked during the reign of Iconoclast Leo III of Isaurus (717 – 741 AD).

From an early age, Basil renounced worldly life to devote himself to evangelical teaching and exercise. In the beginning he lived in a hermitage, nurturing his spirit and soul with the gifts of faith and love. He became a disciple and disciple of Saint Procopius of Decapolitan.

But when circumstances called for him, he responded with admirable willingness and defended Orthodoxy with courage and bravery.

He was severely persecuted for his fierce opposition and courageous advocacy of orthodoxy. He was imprisoned and suffered many tortures.

When the tyrant Leo died, Saint Basil was freed and returned to his monastery to continue his solitary struggle.

A great propagandist of the Church, he constantly campaigned for the strengthening of the Orthodox faith, the enlightenment of heretics, the unification of the faithful, and the repentance of sinners. He fought hard and slept peacefully.

Calendar: Kyra, Kyra, Kairatsa, Kairatso, Kairatchi, Kairatzouda. Marianna.

Ἦhos d'. He soon understood.
The gift of basil, O kingdom of the Church of Christ, ruler of the passions, as your divine schamasi, because you agreed, the life of your Fatrina, within the inviolable kingdom, you shine for both, like a shining star. You deserve it.

Heteron Apolitician
Ἦhos a'. of sawn stone.
Dweller of the desert, an angel in the flesh, a wonder-worker, the God-bearing Father of our kingdom, you have shown yourself; Fasting, vigilance, prayer, heavenly gift of hands, you heal the sick and souls. Of those who come to you in faith. Glory to him who shows you strength, glory to him who crowns you, glory to all who heal you.

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Ἦhos b'. Above questions.
From the height of arms, from divine revelation, You came forth wise from the midst of confusions, As a saint, You received the power of miracles, And by grace cures diseases, Rajjiyam Bammagar Hierodate.