April 24, 2024

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Tragedy in Tempe: New video and audio from Deadly Road

Tragedy in Tempe: New video and audio from Deadly Road

A year has passed Biggest train accident in the country Took life 57 passengers 62 hrs of intercity train Tempeh. As the investigation into the case continues, relatives of the victims have complained about errors and omissions, especially before the investigation was assigned to a special appeals investigator. The immediate completion of the trial will allow the trial to begin, which is expected to take place in purpose-built chambers at TEI Larissa.

The smell of death

“In and out of the waggons, screams and shouts came from everywhere, people begging for help for their lives, and fire broke out before my eyes with a strange smell, I didn't know what it was. But it brought me faintness and panic, to be sure now that it was the smell of death and burning flesh. can

The testimonies of a 21-year-old man from Thessaloniki who survived his injuries in the Tempe train crash have been captured in lawsuits filed by victims and victims' relatives in the months following the tragic accident.

Tempi: Anger leaves no room for sorrow

In the videos released by “K” today – some for the first time – Intercity 62 will see the before and after clash and the explosion that followed. “The large heat load combined with the unknown fuel created an intense fire which started from the canteen car and spread to the passenger car B2” refers to the text of the conclusions of the “Independent Expert Households Inquiry Panel – EDAPO”, dated July 2023.


From documents included in the case file, xylene, a chemical substance found at the scene, is a flammable chemical solvent used in the manufacture of paints but used as an adulterant in fuel. Although debris was cleared from the accident site and the area covered with gravel, this particular chemical was detected.

In August, in a memorandum to the Supreme Court's attorney's office, some of the victims' relatives raised a series of questions demanding answers. “Why are you pre-empting illegal cargo from the commercial train?”, is one. Frame circles are reported to “K”. The question of explosion and fire may be separated from the main case so that the inquiry into the railway accident and its causes can be thoroughly investigated without delay.

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