April 18, 2024

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They arrested M. Tremopoulos during a protest against logging

They arrested M. Tremopoulos during a protest against logging

A municipal councilor and former MEP and 13 others (7 men, 7 women) were arrested and taken to the White Tower police station during a protest against tree cutting in the Roman Agora square in Thessaloniki on Monday morning. Illegal violence.

According to reports, there was a previous complaint from the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Citizens responded to the online call “SOS trees” and found themselves at the site where the municipality of Thessaloniki was cutting down trees in order to prevent them from being cut down.

What it says in EFF.SYN. Mich. Tremopoulos

of Apostolos Lykesas

With his report for “Ef.Syn.” Michalis Tremopoulos notes that he was found at the Aristotle Square police station “with a bloody face and torn clothes” and referred to Autophoros for “unlawful violence”. He adds, “The police wanted to release us, but Mayor Constantinos Sarvas and Deputy Mayor Theodokatos intervened in the prosecutor’s office, and they are sending us to Autoforos. The city that protects trees… we are criminals.’

However, along with his statements to local media, the mayor is said to have expressed his displeasure with the way the police operation has developed.

At this time, a rally in support of the arrested is taking place outside the AT. They are expected to walk through the lawyer’s door in no time.

► The issue of deforestation in Thessaloniki has been highlighted by several reports and the “Teachers’ Newspaper”, with the latest reporting that there is no end to the “tree killing” activity that has been developing in Thessaloniki over the past months. Active citizen groups try to save what they can.

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