March 4, 2024

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Fernando Santos berated the CR7 in front of his teammates

Fernando Santos berated the CR7 in front of his teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo with Fernando Santo in Portugal’s match against Uruguay
2022 Martin Meissner / AP PHOTO

Cristiano Ronaldo “heard it” from Fernando Santos in front of his teammates at the World Cup, according to Correo da Manha, after his son told him of the Portuguese’s behavior when he was substituted.

And during her new training portugal national, Roberto Martinez pointed this out during his presentation Cristiano Ronaldo deserves everyone’s respect and we will talk to him in the next few daysNew revelations regarding the Portuguese star’s relationship with Fernando Santos were revealed.

to me morning mailSantos scolded him Ronaldo In front of all his teammates for his behavior after being substituted in the match against South Korea. In fact, what the CR7 said when substituting it was reported by his son, who claimed the Portuguese said: “You’re in such a hurry to get me out, damn @@@.”

Of course, Santos’ decision to berate him in front of everyone is something Ronaldo didn’t like.

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