May 21, 2024

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Final Four, Panathinaikos: What applies to tickets for the Final Four in Berlin

Final Four, Panathinaikos: What applies to tickets for the Final Four in Berlin

How can you get tickets for the Berlin Final Four? The newspaper has the answers.

This ticket, who will get it? the Panathinaikos made the Final Four in BerlinThe first after an absence of 12 years. The ticket war has just begun!

Those who planned to buy one or more tickets from the EuroLeague general sale now feel vindicated. At least the friends of Panathinaikos. Those are his Olympiaco They will know the answer to their fears sometime around midnight.

For the Greeks 16%

According to her information EuroLeagueGreeks received 16% of the tickets allocated. With the Spaniards overtaking us, having bought 20%.

With the real madrid To be already in the final four. The Germans (who do not have a team but are the organisers) received 15%, while 9% for Turkish fans and 5% for French fans.

The remaining 35% belong to different nationalities in small percentages.

Now, the “green” fans will have to wait for any return, for example from Fenerbahce fans, if the Turkish team does not arrive in Berlin.

Everyone is in the Fan to Fan market

For a few years now, EuroLeague Created a platform, and Market fans to fansWhere the fan can sell the ticket that he does not want to use at the same price. There is a logic that there will be a solution for the many Greeks who want to enter the O2 Arena.

As for the final four? The saying that accompanies…distributing tickets to the finalists is usually “they’re not even enough…to go live”! This is expected to happen this season as well.

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Tickets that aren’t even enough… Long live

Logically, the number will be in three numbers (usually 550-600), with Greek teams, usually, making it available exclusively to permanent holders in order of priority. Each team then makes its own moves in order to secure more pieces from the team’s return.

For example, last year Olympiacos to the quarterfinals from Kaunas (Only) 560 tickets purchased.

For example, the presence of Monaco in The last four It could revive Panathinaikos’ (and Olympiacos’, if they qualify) hopes of getting more tickets.