June 21, 2024

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Finally the traditional radio from the car – what’s changing?

Finally the traditional radio from the car – what’s changing?

It seems it is only a matter of time before the final blow is dealt to the AM radio stations, which will fade into oblivion.

It is no exaggeration to claim that A car without a radio It will be like food without salt. Especially for those who do not own a car with a multimedia system, the radio is one secret friend where are they Accompany during daily commutes them, on their travels, in unbearable traffic jams, and so on.

Most stations broadcast today on FM (modulation of the signal by frequency), presence crowding out the AMs Which was for roughly the first eighty years of the twentieth century the prevailing transmission method.

Despite AM being pushed into obscurity, there are still some radio stations that continue to broadcast on it, Refuse to die.

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However, any attempt to keep them alive may be substantiated arid Because their (painful) future seems to have been described by them The rapid changes taking place in the automotive world.

Recently, in the United States, a large portion of the conspiracy buffs attributed the impending end of AM radio stations to coordinated government effort, Which has a car sector “vehicle”, yes Conservative voices are completely silenced primarily heard over AM stations.

“I think citizens want more choices, not less. And this (i.e. the end of AM) sounds like a direct political jab at the conservative voices that are primarily heard on AM,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said recently, and about Important allies of Donald Trump.

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However, the end of AMs is due to other reasons They have nothing to do with any attempt to silence the conservative bloc. the Poor sound qualitythe few listenersthe Switch to DAB digital radio (digital audio broadcasting) f multimedia systems Smartphone-compatible (infotainment) are just some of the factors driving the demise of AMs.

Added to the equation is the fact that many of today’s drive systems for electric vehicles (the number of which is growing rapidly) are produced Electromagnetic noise which affects AM signals.

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