May 30, 2023

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Netflix: You can turn off this new feature if it bothers you

the Netflix at recent days Improve overall appearance It is applied on all devices where it is available. It started with the Netflix app for iOS devices, where several new animations appeared in the scrolling menu, making it look as if it were Tik Tok It brought a card-like display system, as well as several new sound notifications.

If you haven’t noticed there is one by now New start screen For choosing profiles, a new welcome sound that replaces Tudum, and more, effects like mostly zoom in instead of fading in and loading icons as before.

But recently it became available on TVs, but also on Android TV and Apple TV and some users wondered why this is happening. the Netflix was forced to respond publicly via TechCrunch but also Updated its support page, with instructions on how users can turn off these effects.

How to turn off Netflix effects on your TV

As mentioned in the updated Netflix Help Center section, you can “minimize” these new animations for now, rather than turning them off or turning them off completely. The streaming service stresses that “Animation effects are enabled by default and are not available on some TVs,” and you’ll need to follow the process below for each profile individually.

According to the Netflix support page, follow these steps:

1. Open a browser and go to your Netflix account management page.

2. In the Profile & Parental Controls section, choose your own profile.

3. Check outReduce animation effects when browsing TV“.

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