July 20, 2024

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Fire at Evros: Tough new night for Soubli, Thadia and Cornofolia – Newsbomb – News

Fire at Evros: Tough new night for Soubli, Thadia and Cornofolia – Newsbomb – News

Fire: Evros continues to burn for the 13th day and 112 calls on residents to be ready as the main front could change direction at any moment and threaten residential areas.

It has taken on biblical proportions Fire at Evros. Despite the titanic efforts of firefighters and volunteers, constant explosions threaten residential areas. Residents on Thursday night (31/08). Souffle received again Message from 112It urged them to be prepared and follow the instructions of the authorities.

This news, in fact, reached everyone in the vast area and villages of Northern Evros. Hornbills nest And this nanny

Everywhere you turn your gaze is stifling in this region. Fire is red Spring at night. The front splits into many smaller ones and moves on and off. Strong winds and Direction changes is the biggest problem.

However, the tension has eased slightly in the last few hours. Pushes the fire Soufli, Kornofolia and Dadia. On a positive note, the intensity of the wind will decrease further at night. No one is going to sleep in Evros When villages are surrounded by fire.

Speaking to APE-MPE, the Mayor of Soufli said, Panagiotis Kalakikos Argued that the fire is approaching the city, however, the change of winds from south to north -against the fire- and their lower intensity will allow the fire brigades to intercept its course towards Soufli.

Friday (1/9) is expected to be even tougher, estimates indicate Wind intensity will increase And northerly winds are expected to return to the direction Thadia forestAgain, fires thus create new problems in extinguishing efforts.

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15 km before Evros

As the previously announced Open Ambassador, the fiery lead has been extended 15 kilometers Now openly threatens the entire region Souffle. A large “enemy” of fire forces constantly changes direction and threatens different areas each time.

Earlier, the fire passed through the villages Giannouli And iron, And when he took a direction towards Hornbills nest And threatening a monastery in the area, the wind “turned” it towards the villages. Protoclesi And Agriani.

Meteo: More than 1,600,000 acres have burned this current fire season

The statistics remain negative This year (2023) fire season in our country, comes out from the analysis of data. European Forest Fire Information System (https://effis.jrc.ec.europa.euProcessed by the FLAME Pyrometeorological Team of the METEO Division of the National Laboratory of Athens (EAA).


The Total burnt area in Greecea, from the beginning of the year to Wednesday 30.08.2023, + Registers an increase of 270% Compared to the average annual (2002 – 2022) burnt area in our country.

Recording of 1,610,080 acres of burnt land by Wednesday 30.08.2023, Greece ranks first among the 20 Mediterranean countries. Spain is second with 843,150 acres and Italy third with 630,610 acres. France (+68%) and Morocco (+43%) reported increases in burned areas, while decreases in other countries.

Total number of major forest fires (>300 acres) in Greece, registrations from the beginning of the year to Wednesday 30.08.2023 Discount -20% Compared to the average (2002 – 2022) number of major forest fires in our country each year. An increase in the number of forest fires was recorded in Spain (+80%), France (+198%), Morocco (+94%), Cyprus (+2%), Libya (+3%) and Slovenia (+14). %).

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45 major forest fire records (>300 acres) by Wednesday 30.08.2023, Greece ranked seventh among 20 Mediterranean countries. Spain is in first place with 344 forest fires in 2023.

The Average burned area For a major forest fire in Greece, from the beginning of the year to Wednesday 24.08.2023, Increases by +365% Compared to the corresponding average for the period 2002 – 2022.

With an average of 35,780 hectares of forest fires recorded as of Wednesday 30.08.2023, Greece tops the 20 Mediterranean countries by the largest margin. Algeria is second with an average of 9,280 hectares of forest fires and Syria is third with an average of 6,052 hectares per forest fire. Increases were also recorded in Italy (+20%), as shown in other countries Average acreage reduction per wildfire.

This evidence demonstrates the need for immediate, drastic change to integrated wildfire management and response solutions. In this direction, the METEO/EAA unit can contribute with tools and services such as (1) an extensive and dense network of automatic weather stations in Greece, (2) an advanced rapid response forecast system IRIS 2.0, and (3) ). High resolution weather and pyrometeorological forecasts.

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