July 18, 2024

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Creed: “Wounded man rises from stretcher to throw firewood”

Creed: “Wounded man rises from stretcher to throw firewood”

After the first episode outside an olive mill on the Moira-Galia road, two police officers who rushed to the Moira Health Center in Crete for a general conflict between members of two families talk about the unprecedented circumstances, in which a 19-year-old man on one side, a 54-year-old father and his 25-year-old son, On the other hand.

Characteristic of the tension, as the police officers reveal in their reports, is that even a 19-year-old wounded man on a stretcher was taken in an EKAB ambulance to take him from the health center to Venicilio Hospital. , when he sensed the fight, sprang up and engaged anew.

However, the two guards did not escape the fire of the two families… Cretalive.gr reports that they initially fought to separate the two families from isolation, with a few blows, but pepper spray.

They arrived at the health center about ten minutes after 1 pm on August 28 and found that about 15 relatives and friends of the 19-year-old injured person were already there. They didn’t have time to ask what had happened as the young man was being taken to the ambulance on a stretcher. Then, as described, two passenger cars carrying other family members sped out of the health center.

Police officials describe that when the 19-year-old’s relatives saw the others, they became enraged and moved towards them in a threatening manner. Then they got down from the cars and started fighting with metal objects in their hands.

Two uniformed men stepped in to separate them, but the situation proved difficult. Punches and kicks were thrown from both sides, and besides… According to GridLife, the 22-year-old accused was holding two hammers in one hand and beating other members of the family. described.

A policeman managed to wrestle the hammers from him and then reportedly used pepper spray on him as well. With inhumane efforts and the help of a third party until reinforcements arrived, the two guards managed to isolate the “hot-blooded” for a while.

What the video shows is the first episode on the road

As for the first episode on the street, there is video content recording a scene between a 19-year-old on one side and a 25-year-old on the other and his father.

Just before 12 noon, the two young men were recorded arguing and shaking hands outside the main gate of the olive mill, sometimes standing, sometimes lying on the ground. According to police and a review of the video footage, a 25-year-old man can be seen hitting the 19-year-old while holding an unknown object in his hand. Two minutes later, the 25-year-old father appeared on the scene with a large engine, stopped the vehicle at the entrance to the oil plant and moved towards the two men lying on the ground. The police said that he was involved in the protest. The 25-year-old man is described as getting up and using his father’s help to repeatedly beat the 19-year-old man on the ground by an unknown person. Meaning.

After two or three minutes, passing drivers stop their vehicles and rush to distinguish them. It is already known that the hearing of the case has been adjourned to September 6. Until then, the following restrictions were imposed on six of the eight defendants in total: prohibition of access to each other, daily appearance at the police station and, in fact, both to appear in the morning and afternoon. They do not coincide and result in a new chapter.

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