July 14, 2024

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Fire in Hydra: New revelations about “Berloto” – Kazakhstan’s oligarchy and the destruction of pine forests

Fire in Hydra: New revelations about “Berloto” – Kazakhstan’s oligarchy and the destruction of pine forests

Mega presents new developments on the fire that broke out in Hydra’s pine forest after fireworks from a boat.

As Vassilis Lambropoulos, police editor of “TO VIMA” and “TA NEA” newspapers revealed to MEGA, two eyewitnesses on a passing boat testified that they heard 15-20 noises before the fire. But without explicitly saying that they saw the fireworks.

Among the passengers on the boat was an oligarch of Kazakhstan, a friend of the country’s former president.

Two witnesses said they saw a boat belonging to the ferry carrying sea bags and moving between the shore and the boat.

It is also reported that a fire extinguisher was seen on the side of the boat and a white spot in the sea, the origin of which is unknown.

Owner of an oil company and spikes for money laundering

Among the passengers on the boat was an oligarch from Kazakhstan, a friend of the country’s former president, an owner of oil companies, and there are allegations against him of money laundering.

Hydra’s pine forests turn to ash

On Wednesday, the captain and 12 crew members of a luxury yacht facing criminal charges for setting fire to 300 acres of unique pine forest in Hydra will be pardoned.
The launched firecracker consumed the Hydra’s only green lung.

According to testimony, mainly from the crew of another ship anchored in a nearby bay, the occupants of the boat in question had gone ashore in an inflatable boat in Pisti. As soon as they saw what had happened as the sparks flew, they realized that another boat was approaching, so they returned to the boat and immediately left for Vouliagmeni Marina.

At the prosecutor’s office, all crew members on the boat denied that they had set off the firecrackers that caused the fire. A day after the incident, shortly before he was arrested, the captain told his colleagues and immediately informed the authorities.

Rules are not followed

“He (captain) was in his cabin and as soon as he was informed he saw the fire, he went out and then after informing all the authorities, he contacted them. Then he got out because the wind and the fire were so close, there was smoke and heat coming from the boat and he left for Vouliagmeni,” said Giorgos Vallis, head of the Panhellenic Union of Private and Professional Boats.

According to the Maritime Code, in the event of an accident, the ship is obliged to notify the authorities, stay at the scene and contribute to the work of the means at its disposal, such as hoses and fire hoses. Officers.

The data so far shows that the rules are not followed from start to finish. The group members have been detained for forest fire with intent to endanger humans, ecological destruction punishable by up to 20 years in prison, and illegal possession and use of firecrackers and flares.

About 54 meters long and 12 meters wide, the particular ultra-luxury ship will be equipped with parachute flares, rockets, flares and smoke generators.

17 tourists from Kazakhstan have left the country. The 13 arrested will be released on Wednesday.