July 14, 2024

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First born daughter with Filippo and Nina Flore, in Kolonaki

First born daughter with Filippo and Nina Flore, in Kolonaki

They walked for a while before heading to the royal tomb in the Tatoi Gardens to shop at clothing and shoe shops in the center of Athens. His first born daughter Former Emperor ConstantineAlexia, with her younger brother Filippo and his wife Nina Flor.

All these days Alexia tried to cope with the loss of her beloved father

He maintained a good relationship from childhood. birth July 1965 It was a big event for the royal family at the summer palace of Mon Repo in Corfu.


From the day she arrived in Athens, Alexia, like her other siblings, chose to be by her mother’s side as they, along with the ex-king’s closest associates, arrange the last details of the funeral scheduled for next Monday.



So today he has taken this decision along with him His brother Filippo and his wife Nina Flor Before they all go to the Tatoi estate and especially the royal tombs, they should walk to shop in Kolonaki and especially Voukourestu Street.

Photos: papadakispress/Angelos Ligas

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