June 19, 2024

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First cover by Eleni Minegaki, 38 years ago

First cover by Eleni Minegaki, 38 years ago

On the occasion of Eleni Menegaki’s name day, journalist and well-known broadcaster partner Yannis Hatzigeorgiou published her first cover since 1986.

Eleni Minigaki celebrates her birthday today. One of the most iconic presences in Greek TV history, with dozens of covers, over a million Instagram followers and countless fans all over Greece.

On the occasion of her name day, journalist and Eleni Menegaki’s partner, Yannis Hatzigeorgiou, posted on his Instagram profile her first ever cover, in 38 years.

“The rarest of Eleni’s dozens of covers. Her first. In the historical magazine of culture, art, style and opinion “To Tatartu” (its founder, of course, Manos Hadjidakis) which – together with the third radio program that preceded it – changed the course of an entire era and thought. Issue 17, September 1986. In the cover credits On which is Eleni’s face, the names Kostis Stikas and Ashelia Charitou are written in photography and makeup respectively, while the image was compiled by Dimitris Kalukiris (Grammy Publications SA). An accidental find from the kiosks of the second-hand Nassos bookstore on Thisio Street, Monastiraki, several years ago. Happy birthday, my beautiful and bright girl,” wrote journalist Yannis Hatzigiorgiou in a comment on the post.

Watch the first cover by Eleni Minegaki:

The girl in the photo certainly never imagined that a few years later she would become one of the most sought-after and discussed presenters on Greek television.

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