June 25, 2024

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Google turns mobile phones into “laboratories” for artificial intelligence

Google turns mobile phones into “laboratories” for artificial intelligence

Important changes made to our daily lives through artificial intelligencewith its integration Gemini AI on our mobile phones through the operating system Android Ha GoogleAnalyzes S Director of Research and Technology at Danos Management Consulting, Noel Cutlisin an interview with Liberalism.

Mr. Kotlis describes the new era being created in the context of the new digital environment, but he also describes the risks that arise from the potential misuse of new technologies.

However, he believes that TN turns our mobile phone into a pocket computer, radically changing the way we communicate with the world and improving the tasks we engage in in our daily lives. As for whether there is a problem with the usability of artificial intelligence for humans? Noel Cutlis answers meaningfully: “When something is free, you are the product».

Interview with Christos Th

Mr. Kotlis, I would like to begin the interview by quoting four specific words: twin, Google, Android And Amnesty International. How will these words change our daily lives and our lives more broadly?

Your question is very good, Mr. Panagopol. Personally, I am one of those who believe that these four words will change everything.

In the beginning, they will enter our lives through mobile phones and help us with things that we do in our daily lives, and later it is possible that we will see things that we do not believe or that we previously saw in science fiction films and doubted that they would come true one day.

However, how do you see this being deciphered in our daily lives? Why, we all now use “smart” devices in one way or another…

Essentially, innovations introduced through AI will gradually impact all branches of human activity one by one. For example, what we saw in the past week OpenAI: We saw a man with his child giving him a private lesson and explaining an exercise to him on a mobile phone.

That is, the mobile phone “saw” what the child was drawing on the paper, explained to him what he saw and then suggested what to do. The way people educate is changing.

It’s important what you say Google Recently It happened she has, Google I/Heyannounced that the next generation of mobile phones (Google pixel 9) It will have a built-in operating system Android With the global inclusion of artificial intelligence in…

This actually started a few years ago. the Google We have been dealing with this particular object for many years, it’s just that now the use will be expanded as far as possible everywhere. It is good, at this point, to clarify a few things about this topic. What is significant as a major change in the last forty years in information technology lies in the fact that until now computers were extracting information, which was stored somewhere. That is, they take an item from the databases and display it – for example a bank account or I enter a file location And I see some information, what I bought and so on.

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Now, this is changing and as a result the computer will no longer show us something that has been stored, but will “create” it at that time. This is simply creative artificial intelligence (generative Amnesty International the Jinai). This means that the computer in particular Supercomputers At the disposal of major companies, they come to produce new content, which did not exist before and is determined by an algorithm. There is no man, that is, to interfere. Instead, a human will have to tell the algorithm what is right and what is wrong. From there, the algorithm produces uncontrollable results.

However, our mobile phone is no longer a simple means of communication, it has become a tool, not only for our work but also for the way we discover the world. The news that was announced Google Regarding innovations Amnesty InternationalIn your opinion, to what extent do they contribute to this trend?

What we must realize is that we now have a pocket computer in our hands. So, I’ll tell you what I did Google For several years and what is changing now in this regard.

I’ll give you an example: when we used to upload images and go to Google the picturesThese files were already passing through a file Amnesty International processing, where the system is marked (Tags) on each image different elements automatically. For example, he can see that there is a dog in the photo. He wrote “dog”, and put “white dog” according to the color of the animal. So, he was placing different items. If he “sees” identical photos next to you or with your friends whose names he already knows, he can Tags Their names. So in image search (seek the pictures), one can perform a search, based on the items in the images, detected by the search engine. I wrote the word “dog“And he’ll bring you all the pictures of the dogs. That was the first step.

Now, this has now been expanded, which means I can seekwith the new edition to be released Google, to have a full conversation. I mean I’d be able to tell her Google “Bring me the dogs in the parks” or “Bring me the happy people.”

But this won’t just be about photos. The same applies to Google mail (gmail). That is, he had emails up to date and was processing them to send us advertisements. From now on I will be able to “chat” with mail Me: I’ll be able to say “yeah.” mail Do I care and do they have an appointment I should attend?” The system will now give me everything quickly. I will also be able to order from gmail A summary of recent emails during the current day so I can spot the most important ones. Therefore, the new one will decide gmail Which is the most important e-mail.

What you are describing to us is a process Detailed managementNames…

exactly. To answer the question you asked me, everything is changing now. First, what we have already seen is that education itself is changing. There are already online courses being conducted and there are some examples of universities that put the computer in the position of the teacher (private teacher) and conducts the relevant lesson.

And of course, I’m not even talking about the other side, where undergraduates and graduate students are preparing theses, all ready and out of the box. ChatGPT And presenting them as their own.

In terms of what you’re saying, concerns have already been expressed at universities where the apps have been developed Amnesty International Which are under the “radar” of academic anti-plagiarism tools.

What you say is important and you give me the opportunity to tell you that I recently had a very specific example.

A few days ago in Finland, a university professor asked students questions and below he had the answers ChatGPT. Addressing his disciples, he said: This is the question, and this is its answer ChatGPT“Give me a different answer.”

But, Mr. Kotlis, we have recently seen reactions on the part investors in wall street Regarding artificial intelligence technologies. In your opinion, they will follow her movements Google And the rest of the “players” are in the field, and if so, do you see an escalation in the battle between the technology “giants” in the field of artificial intelligence?

necessarily. Indeed, the battle between the major companies will escalate vertically. As you can see, the money flowing into AI is huge, and there is no debate about it. Right now, what is happening in our industry, information technology, is called “Courses“, i.e. “circles”.

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Simply put, we spent a “cycle” before where big Data And big Data Analytics And it was called “blockchain“And cryptocurrencies and everyone was interested in them. Right now, directionFashion is: whoever does not mention the phrase “industrial Intelligence“In the title of the work he is doing, it is as if it does not exist!

In light of this MicrosoftI also saw that he bought a piece of it OpenAI For this reason, any of her panic, because she was overcome by it Google In the field of artificial intelligence.

Basically, he was afraid of being left out of the game…

exactly. It was no coincidence that its announcement was made OpenAI This came one day before her announcements Google. That is, they follow dates, so they do not coincide and one is one step ahead of the other. All the latest announcements were made within just a few hours. I started first applethen n OpenAI And almost immediately Google.

How much do you think our lives will be improved by our easy access to an AI environment?

I’ll answer you directly: I don’t think it’s about us. It is about the use that we will make of these technologies and especially these applications. In the US, it is clear that companies want to make everything easy, and “attract” more audiences. But from now on you see that even the Greek state has taken it out recently com. mygovAIto show that he is in things.

At the current stage, companies are looking for ways on how to benefit from artificial intelligence. So, right now, we’re somewhat hesitant about this Amnesty International Wider. As for how all this will affect us, the answer is that we will necessarily be “connected” to these companies. There will be, in simple words, a relationship of human and user dependence on the “giants” of technology (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, dead).

Your answer caught my attention, and I can’t help but ask you this: Ultimately, is AI a tool, or will humans at some point be used as a tool?

Very good question, but here’s a ready answer: when something is free, you are the product! Personally, I have one fear: that people will misuse AI as a technology based on what it offers. Especially in the elections with what we saw with Deep fakes And forged News.

*Noel Cutlis is Director of Research and Technology at Danaos administration Consultants