April 19, 2024

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Football and atonement for victims are two contradictory concepts.

Football and atonement for victims are two contradictory concepts.

And somewhere around here…cannibalism has to stop. Because of the disappointment of facing the poor result, a section of fans believed there was a scapegoat. Somehow, all the responsibilities fell together and the curse fell on his back Panagiotis Ritso.

His responsibility was great, but he was not the only one. Nikos Koutsis, in his always up-to-date reports, points out that Medibar left no room for sole responsibility. He entered the locker room immediately after the defeat, started the phase from the moment Jovetic lost the ball and continued … backwards. Clean post that clarifies things.

Team spirit is the cornerstone of any team. Whoever divides responsibilities to find one player to bear them only leads to psychological pressure and exhaustion on the player.

Starting with the match against Aris, Olympiacos has a series of difficult and decisive matches ahead of them. For the qualifiers and Europe. Ritsos is psychologically disturbed by the pressure he was under after Sunday night. It's time for this problem to leave the red and white lights behind.

At Olympiacos there is a serious man at the end of the bench who knows how to recognize and judge. Keyboard instructors are redundant at this point. Especially when it comes to a player pulling the paddle this year in Greece and Europe. Criticism must be done, and settlement is not necessary. Especially when it comes to a player who has been talking about…red and white since he was a little kid.

But it's about working and working with him to overcome his weaknesses when in seconds he needs to make decisions. After all, this is the fine line that separates a generally good sealer from a class sealer. The Piraeus team has its back against the wall as far as the league is concerned. She has the big challenge of Europe against Fener.

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Do those who drew know that Olympiacos only has three goalkeepers available because Viso and Bianconi are not eligible to participate. What exactly are they asking for by sacking Panagiotis Ritsos? Somewhere around here this issue should be closed. The result is a competitive playoff and a championship counterattack with no escape.

Much more than the goalkeeper who played the most minutes than any other central defender. We are talking about Olympiacos. For a team that does not swallow the golden pill for good performance and does not play, as its coach said, except for the sake of winning.

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