April 19, 2024

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Problem with Ortega, changes with Aris

Problem with Ortega, changes with Aris

He will try to get his first qualifying win tomorrow night in Karaiskakis Olympic Against Aris, expecting that the results this week (on Sunday he will go to Lamia) will bring him closer to the top.

José Luis Medibar prepares the changes for tomorrow's match taking into account both the trio that is “running” (IKE, Aris, Lamia) and of course the historic match between Olympiacos and Fener, the first for the quarter-final stage of the Conference League.

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One of the changes given will be that of Francisco Ortega as the Argentine left-back is suffering from discomfort in his leg after the match with AEK Athens and for this reason he will be protected. Nothing serious appears, but there is no reason to press or take risks, with Richards ready to take his place. At the same time, Medibar are considering resting Rodini, who played “gritted” with AEK even though he was not 100% ready. Kenny is the logical one to replace him.

As for the remaining positions, Vascos will likely decide after the last training session, in the afternoon. It will not lead to radical changes, while the situation of Orta and Alexandropoulos will also play a role. The Portuguese midfielder is better, he will be ready for the match between Venere and Mendelibre who will decide the time to give him, tomorrow with Aris and (mainly) with Lamia. Alexandropoulos will also try to train in the hope that the pain in his lower back will subside to the point where he will be available again.

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