June 21, 2024

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* Odds of winning the Euroleague on Pamestoixima.gr

* Odds of winning the Euroleague on Pamestoixima.gr

Final Four 2023 is just around the corner and at Pamestoixima.gr you can find strong odds* to win the Euroleague and a higher price for Olympiacos.

More than 24 hours separate us from its implementation last four 2023 In Kaunas, with the great moment of crowning this year’s champion approaching, anxiety is at its peak.

Four teams are vying for the coveted trophy and will do everything they can to lift the trophy high into the air on Sunday night (21/05). the Olympic You will “fight” with her Monaco (05/19, 18:00) and real madrid with the Barcelona (05/19, 21:00), for a place in the final, which will bring them closer to their goal.

Olympiacos vs “Protara” Monaco

the Olympic It proved to be one of the best teams in the regular season (and number one in offense, creativity, steals, and rating system). managed to earn it Lantern With a 3-2 lead in the series, after a very intense five games in qualifiers And I reserved a place for Kaunas. the “Red and white“It is a harmonious team with back-to-back coach of the year euroleagueAnd George Bartzokason the bench, they are sure to exhaust all possibilities of reaching the final and lifting the trophy.

Still, anyway, even if everything shows that the Olympic She is a semi-finalist with MonacoAnything can happen when we talk about a team participating for the first time in its history last four Ha euroleague He seems hungry for glory. After all, the French showed that they are … tough nuts, after being left out Maccabee After five matches, they also had a break.

In fact, it is worth noting that last year Monaco It was the team that made it so difficult for him Olympic on the way to last fourafter their series in the playoffs went to Game 5, where Piraeus finally won and qualified.

Semi-finals clonphysical Again with Barcelona – Real

For the second year in a row, its Spanish superpower euroleague They will “collide” in the semi-finals. the Barcelona You will encounter it real madridin a game that has solid value and will keep fans interested.

the “Blograna“It was the only team that secured its place early on last fourafter winning 3-0 in their series Zalgiris. On the other hand, thequeenIt took five matches against her were supportersto qualify, and the second is accidental, due to the player’s struggle, and causing a change in plans for the rest of the two teams.

In last year’s semi-finals where the two teams met, it was TRUE make the coup on Barcelonawon with a score of 86-83 and reached the final – where he lost to Anatolo IvesWho was crowned European champion for the second year in a row.

In the Pamestoixima.gr You will find plenty of betting options in Final Four 2023! Buy games, players and super odds * to win the Euroleague title at your disposal, so you too can live the unique entertainment experience of Final Four Kaunas!

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