July 14, 2024

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For the three zodiac signs, the luckiest period begins today, June 12th

For the three zodiac signs, the luckiest period begins today, June 12th

On June 12, we enter a more prosperous season in our lives. Three signs, according to astrology, will be especially favorable due to the meeting of Mercury with Saturn.

Saturn rules the concept of law, rules, restrictions and of course freedoms. When Mercury squares Saturn, we see how things make sense in our lives and what we can do to make things work for us in the end.

If we discover that a change in perspective is all we need, count on a Mercury-Saturn square to activate it. Three signs will experience true “graduation” during this period. They will feel as if the light suddenly turns on and everything becomes clear to them.

We must change course to welcome prosperity and abundance. If we do, we will witness the beginning of a new era of good fortune. For those who have been desperately searching for a break, salvation and relief finally come in a real way. If you just need a little adjustment in the way you think about money and abundance in general, consider your lucky charm today. The meeting of Mercury and Saturn paves the way for a better future and you are ready to pursue it.


Virgo, you always knew you had it inside you! You have always believed that if you believe deeply in something, it can become true and beautiful. On June 12, you will finally see this dream of yours come true. You’re doing well these days, Virgo, and with a Mercury-Saturn square on your side, you’ll know that it was faith in a dream that created your current wealth.

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Mercury square Saturn has you in mind when sharing good luck, Virgo, and that has a lot to do with the fact that you achieved it. You are responsible for creating a bright new era of good fortune because you have worked hard to believe in yourself. These great events do not just happen in one’s lap. You created this and you should be proud of your efforts.

So, you can expect the best this Wednesday as the season of good luck finally comes to fruition. You fully realize that this is something you can rely on and continue to believe in. You are on your way to greatness, and if you know it, honor it with gratitude and a smile. All the luck in the world is coming to you, Virgo!


Mercury square, Saturn in Libra brings prosperity and wisdom – to you, Libra. This is your forte. I’ve always been open to learning new things, and one of the “things” I’ve learned recently is that it’s up to you to block out the unnecessary negativity you so desperately want from your life. Controlling this thing opens the door to positivity, which makes sense.

Logical understanding is one of the things you really value as a Libra. You want things to be meaningful, organized, and have a purpose. As Mercury transits square to Saturn on June 12, you’ll see that your understanding of how the universe works is what brings you the hope, prosperity, and abundance that you knew was there for you all along.

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On Wednesday, this portal will open for you, Zyge, and going through it won’t be difficult at all. You enjoy starting over based on the strength and wisdom you have learned from your past. What you are looking at now is hope for the present. If you can make it happen, it will happen, and knowing that you are the positive driving force here is encouraging and inspiring.

the scorpion

There have been times in the recent past when you weren’t quite sure whether your method was working or not. You truly gave your best at everything you did without having many tangible results that showed the intensity of the effort. However, June 12 arrives, to keep you on track, and let you know that the universe has it all figured out. You’re about to be rewarded, Scorpio. The days of prosperity and good fortune are ready to begin.

Thanks to the Mercury-Saturn transit square, you will find that everything you did to create the positive situation you are experiencing now has meaning and purpose. You will not be able to accomplish difficult tasks without the necessary skills, Scorpio. You had the guidance, and even though you may not have seen the right results, you will know that it was all a matter of effort and patience. Patience was key, and you’ve got it, Scorpio!

Now the real work begins, which means it’s now up to you to continue this winning streak. You must support the good you have created by continuing to think optimistically. You’re already pretty good at this kind of thing, so it’ll be easy for you. You are entering a period of great good fortune and the lessons learned will not be lost. This is just the beginning, and you’re already feeling great!

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