February 6, 2023

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Former Emperor Constantine’s Funeral: Why the Coffin Was Not Opened in Tatouine

At his last home, Tatoi next to his ancestors, he was buried on Monday afternoon Former Emperor Constantine.

His family and the invited “blue-blooded” Archbishop Hieronymos attended the trisago held at the Church of the Resurrection. His three sons With me were ex-kings Constantine, Paul, Nicholas, and Philip Some of his grandchildren The former king carried the coffin with his body.

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At the request of the former king’s family, there were no cameras in the area when he arrived Burial timeAccording to “Proinos” information, the coffin was not opened.

“According to our information, the coffin has not been opened, and it can be said that the former King Constantine was in civilian clothes. Due to the devastation of the disease, some people in the know say that the image of the former King Constantine is not as much as the family wants it to be shown by television cameras or famous guests from other countries. To see it. “That’s what I’m learning. His family doesn’t like his image because he’s not healthy,” George Liakas said.

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