May 28, 2024

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Fortaleza – Liga de Quito 3-4 penalty kick. (1-1 KA, para.): “Cerbero” Dominguez gave her the South American Cup!

Fortaleza – Liga de Quito 3-4 penalty kick.  (1-1 KA, para.): “Cerbero” Dominguez gave her the South American Cup!

With Dominguez as the hero who saved three penalty kicks in Russian roulette, Liga de Quito defeated Fortaleza after 120 minutes of balance (1-1) and won the second Sudamericana title in its history!

to South American Cup will stay at Ecuador! A year after her victory Independent de Vale It was her turn League Keto To overcome the heavy cup, distorting her dreams Fortaleza In the first final in its history! With Cerberus Dominguez To save three penalty kicks in Russian roulette, the Ecuadorian team defeated the Brazilians after 120 minutes of balance (1-1), and in the final they won 4-3 for the second time. South American After the beginning of 2009.

To…first of all, anyway Fortaleza Put it hard liga de quito, With both teams annihilating each other for most of the final. Given the special circumstances and the seriousness of the match, they both entered the field with extreme caution and respected their opponent… more than acceptable, and the result was that the first half was quickly forgotten.

The chances were coming in…the dropper and the pace was low, though Fortaleza He even looked more threatening than his team at times Ecuador. The trend towards a bolder and more aggressive approach finally reached its peak in the second part, with Fortaleza To cause damage in 48 with him Lucero To execute into the closed corner for 1-0! However, the home team’s joy was short-lived, after only eight minutes had passed Altsugarai He beat two opponents and with a wonderful curling ball he literally smashed into the net (!) for the equaliser.

Two excellent works by him Dominguez Within two minutes (66′, 68′) they were denied a goal Fortaleza The second goal in regular time also did the same martins Who beat his long shot Ricardo (90+1′) so the final goes to extra time. A head of it Tinga Ha Fortaleza It was the best he had to show in an invincible extra time, which after 30 fruitless minutes gave way to a penalty shootout.

Fortaleza: “Exares”, football lessons and the dream of the big trophy

Where her goalkeeper Liga de Quito, Dominguez, He took matters into his own hands and with three saves put an end to the Brazilians’ starting dreams South American Of their history, despite the honorable efforts of Ricardo who in turn prevented two executions.

Penalty kick procedures:

Paulo Guerrero – Saved
Gallardo 1-0
Jugaray 1-1
Picasso 2-1
Martins 2-2
Romero – Save
July 2-3
Tinga 3-3
Alvarado – Save
Save Pedro Augusto
Biovi 3-4
Britons – dissonance

Fortaleza (Juan Pablo Voevoda): Ricardo, Tinga, Pretz, Tite, Pacheco, Willison (84′ Pedro Augusto), Alessandre (106′ Lucas Sasa), Pochettino (84′ Gallardo), Marinho, Guillermo (65′ Picasso), Lucero (100′ Romero).

Liga de Quito (Luis Subildia): Dominguez, Quintero, Adi, Rodriguez, Quinones (97′ Ramírez León), Piové, Martinez, Gonzalez (64′ Alvarado), Ibarra (40′ Aljujaray), Julio, Guerrero.