May 28, 2024

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Ese strengthens it and changes it

Ese strengthens it and changes it

Santiago Essie has shown with a good morning at Olympiacos that he is made for great things. The Argentine midfielder is getting stronger and changing the colors red and white.

Olympiacos is a tough ship, and to succeed one needs quality, heart, soul and a strong stomach. Santiago Essie came to Europe for the first time two months before he turned 22, but was immediately handed the starting shirt for Piraeus. The Argentine immediately made the difference in the “red and white” midfield and plays a pivotal role in Diego Martinez’s plans.

Essie showed on a good morning at Olympiacos that he is made for great things. His quality is at a high level, he is perceptive, technically good, strong, combative, decisive, fundamental, runs relentlessly, distributes final passes, while he proved during his time at Huracan that he has a scoring talent (he has nine goals and eight assists). At the moment, he has not scored for the “red and white” and distributed the assist against Fortuny’s goal in the match against West Ham.

But the Piraeus team disagrees with the presence of the Argentine midfielder in the squad, even in his absence. The teammates around him are also different, and he has the support of the young Latin American footballer. The latter suffered an injury and left in the 24th minute of the Freiburg match, and Olympiacos’ image was affected by his absence. The same thing happened in the derby with Panathinaikos, where Issi was injured and left out of the squad.

Ese fires his teammates

If one compares the profile of the Olympiacos midfield in the match against West Ham, compared to the match against Panathinaikos (in the 49 minutes of football played), one will find significant differences.

Someone will say that the “red and whites” fought with three midfielders against the English team and two against the “greens”, but it was not just a matter of numbers. Alexandropoulos and Kamara were different with Essie by their side. The Argentine freed up his teammates more in midfield, while being the best supporter of Fortunis’ progress.

In the match against West Ham, the Latin American midfielder had an assist against Fortuny, 43 tackles, 30/34 (88%) successful passes, 4/5 successful long passes, 2 tackles and was a catalyst for the team’s block. Piraeus Club.

Essie has played nine matches and made one assist for Olympiacos in Greece and Europe. He is contracted with Olympiacos until 2028 and has a market value of 8 million euros. The Argentine is being closely monitored by European clubs, but he still has a lot to offer for Olympiacos and is enjoying his first few months in Greece.