May 28, 2024

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United have ‘cut off’ Sancho’s food, as he eats from his lunch box alone

United have ‘cut off’ Sancho’s food, as he eats from his lunch box alone

The relationship drama between United, Ten Hatch and Sancho has many ramifications, with the England footballer not simply being cut off from any first-team activity. The transfer of 90 million euros, according to The Athletic, is forced to park his car outside the building that houses the academies, while at the same time he cannot enter the dressing room where young football players change.

Sancho is said to change his clothes alone in separate changing rooms and then train on his own. Of course, he was recently present at a youth (under 18) match, and after the match ended, he stayed in the training center and spoke with the academy players.

Hence, what the above-mentioned broker supports regarding feeding the former Borussia Dortmund player is interesting. Thus, it seems that Sancho was prevented from entering the restaurant where the professionals eat, while as the report states there is a man who brings him his food in a lunch box and eats alone.

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