October 1, 2023

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Lamia – Panetolikos 1-3 – Football – Premier League 1 – Panetolikos – Lamia

Lamia – Panetolikos 1-3 – Football – Premier League 1 – Panetolikos – Lamia

Double big at home Lamias succeeded Cannibalsby Nikos Karelis to score twice (7′, 30′ pen) and become o The first scorer out of the league with nine. De Vincente equalized for the hosts in the 12th minute, and Joao Pedro scored the victory for the visitors in the 90 + 6.

With this result, Agrinio rose to seventh place with 16 points, and Lamia remained in tenth place with 9.

In the minds of coaches

with 4-2-3-1 Gianluca Vista lined up with his side, with Saranov under goal, Simon, Adezo, Cornezo, Goranov in defence, Silivka, Zandari in the hub, Nunes, Tsiloli on the wings and Di Vincente behind striker Manuso.

On the other hand, Mr. Yannis Anastasio Download Panaitolikos with 4-3-3, With Anastis under the posts, Bakakis, Larson, Cornelius, Hohomes in defence, Martison, Flores, Dias in the hub, Morsi, Dago in the wings and Karelís in the top attack.

the match

The visitors got into the match better and were lucky to take the lead in only the seventh minute. Huhoumis made an excellent profound ball and found Dias, he found it excellent Kareli, With the Greek striker entering the area and opening the scoring in a beautiful place.

The response of the host team was immediate. in the eleventh de Vincente He took the ball outside the area of ​​Panaitolikos, with an excellent trick, entered the area and bypassed his personal opponent and with a beautiful shot he overcame Anestis in 1-1.

Then the rhythm dropped, with Lamia trying to take the lead. However, Panetolikos also scored a second goal. In the 27th minute, Murcy ran from the left and “broke” towards him Karelian At the height of the penalty kick, where Goranov turned it over and the referee showed the white bullet. The visiting team’s striker hit the goal and put his team in front again.

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Giannis Anastasiou’s team still has a great opportunity to score, as Dagos made a good move in the 42nd minute from the right side and hit the ball, and Saranov was in the right place to get out of control. 2-1 in favor of Agriniotes was also the half-time result.

Giannis Anastasiou’s players were furious in the second half as well, as Dagos did not score the goal in the 47th minute from a convenient position inside the area. Lamia went up and threatened twice, first with Nunes in the 52nd minute, who missed a great opportunity to beat Anas with a header from close range, and then in the 57th minute with a Tsiloli shot that passed over the crossbar.

Gianluca Vista came into place for Bouaqui and Ascovecci, having previously been unlucky after suffering a rib injury after colliding with Larsson. In fact, he was replaced and went by ambulance to the hospital to determine his health condition.

From that point on, the pace waned noticeably, thanks to the numerous interruptions, as Lamia grabbed the ball and Panetolikos attempted a threat on the counter.

But the visitors missed a great opportunity to consolidate their lead in the 78th minute singlia He was unable to defeat Saranov at tete-a-tete. Lamia’s last good moment came with his shot marmentini Out of the area, with the ball rebounding and ending in the corner.

At 90+6, the home team won a corner kick, bringing all of their players into the Anestis chest, with Agriniotes’ defenders flung away, with the ball reaching the Anestis box. Joao Pedrowho scored without difficulty in Saranov’s empty net 3-1, to achieve the victory for his team.

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best player: Nikos Karelis. The Panaitolikos striker scored again twice. In his first team he again makes an excellent move in the area, confirming his excellent ability off the ball. In the second, he showed calmness in executing penalty kicks, while he reached nine, and appeared at the top of the league’s top scorer.

Whistle: Tsakalides He did not have difficult decisions to manage. In the penalty kick indicated by the VAR, he accepted his decision, while managing the match perfectly and going unnoticed.

Lamia (Gianluca Vista): Saranov, Adezzo, Jandaris, Nunes (56′ Askovsky), Manousos (56′ Boaki, 63′ Giakoumakis), De Vicenti (76′ Marmentini), Slivka, Simon, Goranov, Tsiloulis (76′ Karamanos), Cornisos.

Panetolikos (Yannis Anastasio): Anastis, Bakakis, Larson, Cornelius, Hohomes, Martinson, Flores, Dias (79′ Mladin), Dago (75′ Hatzitheodoridis), Murcy (46′ Sengelia), Carrilles (85′ Joao Pedro).