July 14, 2024

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: No Building, New Armor, and More

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: No Building, New Armor, and More

After a period leading up to its very quiet launch, the second season of Fortnite has arrived. It features a major gameplay change, plus plenty to keep knowledge-focused players busy, and many crossovers with Marvel characters like Doctor Strange. Season Two: The Resistance sees the Imagined Order complete its return to the island, using massive terrain-busting drills and unloading a batch of troops ready to take back Artemis from The Seven. We’ve got a full breakdown of Season 2’s new weapons, new vehicles, gameplay changes, new battle pass heroes, and more. Here’s a full overview of Fortnite Season 2.

No building, no new trailing visors, and more

Amazingly, Fortnite Season 2 was launched without the build mechanics. That’s right, you won’t be able to throw a wall while you’re under fire – at least not yet. According to data sources, the build will return to the game on March 29th, but that means that for just over a week, you’ll be left to fend for yourself without the help of builds.

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To counter this, however, new gameplay mechanics have been introduced. This includes a new tactical enemy – which is used in bursts but is faster than a normal run – plus other perks like extra shields to extend kill time and a new jump mechanic. Since you can’t build on a roof, you can now go up there manually.

For now, the mode is considered time-limited, but if it proves to be popular, we’d expect Epic to consider keeping it part of the game going forward. Although for now, it’s front and center, so get in there and fight without walls, cliffs, or moving the ’90s – see if you can still achieve your victory without channeling your inner build warrior.

Battle Pass

The Fortnite Battle Pass once again features eight new heroes, including seven unlockable heroes at the speed you choose to obtain them, and the eighth – Marvel’s Prowler – which is this year’s mid-season skin. Here’s the complete list of Season 2’s Battle Pass characters (hint: Prowler isn’t the only Marvel hero to make his debut). Head here to see the full details of all the 100+ Battle Pass rewards.

From left: Original, Tsuki 2.0, Kiara KO, Doctor Strange, The Imagined, Prowler, Gunnar, Erisa
  • Tsuki 2.0
  • Gunnar
  • visualizer
  • Kiara Koo
  • the origin
  • Iressa
  • Doctor Strange
  • loafer

How to get Marvel’s Prowler

Prowler, an enemy of Spider-Man, takes up arms for IO in Season 2, and you can unlock it later this season. As usual, the Prowler will come with his own challenges that you want to complete in order to collect his entire cosmetic collection. Here’s how to unlock Marvel’s Prowler in Fortnite.

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Map changes

IO is re-establishing a foothold throughout the island.
IO is re-establishing a foothold throughout the island.

Like every season, Fortnite Season 2 comes with many changes to the map. The main line this season is the new regional lines created by IO or Resistance. New vehicles such as tanks, airships and modified helicopters decorate key locations and let you know if friends or foes are busy with them. Here’s a full summary of the map changes in Fortnite Season 2.

New weapons and items

SMG fight
SMG fight

The highly revised loot collection comes in Fortnite Season 2, which features a lot of old weapons and introduces many new ones as well. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 2’s weapons, including weapons Strange and legendary weapons Available.

Omni sword missions

The Omni Sword can be designed however you like.
The Omni Sword can be designed however you like.

The prize for an early battle pass is the Omni Sword, a fully customizable ax that you can design however you see fit. Once unlocked, you can hunt down special Omni Sword challenges to earn customization slots. Here is how to unlock Omni Sword and Omni Chips.

NPC locations

The island’s population was changed again, bringing new faces to new places. You’ll want to meet everyone to buy items, hire them as allies, and unlock perks like future storm circuit information. Here we’ll give you a guided tour of where to find all these NPCs – once we find them all for ourselves!

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