May 28, 2024

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Four main reasons why Pacasita stays away from her

Four main reasons why Pacasita stays away from her


Vikos Nikos/Intime Sports

In Türkiye they wrote that Tassos Bakasetas rejected the AEK proposal. What might matter to the federation and the player in this particular case in the near future, but certainly not now?

They found a topic for the Turks to deal with, presenting Tasos Bakaseta as having rejected an offer from AEK in order to return to Greece and to the team through which he opened the door to Turkey, with the well-known great results of his team. Professional life.

Maybe in the future, given the fact that he himself would like to end his career at AEK, but the federation will always deal with this possibility as much as possible, should the circumstances ripen.

However, this is not the period when talk of Pacasita’s return to the federation becomes of real value. Hereby:

  • Pacasitas is at the peak of his career and at the same time at the most important turning point for the big step. He also has the opportunity for the first time – after the summer of 2019, when he left the Union – to choose his next destination himself, as a free agent. Now is the time to secure a place in one of Europe’s biggest leagues, and that is his target, while teams from Italy, Spain and England are seriously considering his case.
  • It is not certain that his style of football is exactly what Matias Almeida offers. The international striker is a reference point for Trabzonspor and the Greek national team. Of course, he has always been a team player, with no selfish attitudes. However, from AEK onwards, the role in the teams he played for became more central than before, apart from the fact that the Argentine’s demands did not seem particularly compatible with Pacaseta’s characteristics.
  • Since AEK is organized today, Bakasetas can compete behind the striker, in an area where there are many players in the association. Araujo and Chober are used there as priority, followed by Mandalos, as well as Pizarro. Pineda does it too, when the coach deems it necessary. Therefore, the need for a player in this particular position is not clear at all.
  • At the stage he is in today, the 30-year-old footballer has great financial aspirations. The federation has a salary ceiling that no one has exceeded. Money of around a million euros, which – a little more or a little less – gets players like Pineda, Vida, Zuber and Garcia. Chief Araujo, for example, receives a salary of less than 900 thousand euros. As Bakasetas rejects an offer from Trabzonspor for a €1.5m annual wage, he clearly believes he can find a contract like this or even better. But not at AEK.
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Pacasetta’s case could be opened to the Etihad next summer, if, since he himself has not found what he wants and is looking abroad, if his financial requirements will be much lower than they are today and certainly in this case Almeida decides that the team really needs a footballer behind the striker.

For example, if Araujo’s contract is not renewed or if it proves that Pizarro’s transfer will not be successful. Many “ifs” were collected.

Even then, this discussion has no meaning or substance.