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Jack Glassman: The Honest Frenchman Who Demolished Marseille Tapie – Stories – Long Form

Jack Glassman: The Honest Frenchman Who Demolished Marseille Tapie – Stories – Long Form

as long Paris Saint-Germain If another French team fails to reach the Holy Grail, which is none other than the heavy trophy of the Champions League, another French team has the right to boast of having reached a summit that no other club in the country has reached.

A few months ago, it had been thirty years since the Big Ears had won the Big-Eared Cup Marseille to Bernard Tapiewhich, however, has been irreparably tarnished by the notorious match-fixing case Valencia For the French League, a few days before the victorious final match against Milan.

For a few weeks now, it’s been on Netflix The series consisting of seven episodes is called Class Act or, as the Greek version is, “The Thousand Lives of Bernard Tapie.”

However, much has been written about the cunning businessman who died in 2021. Here, we’ll deal with the man who ousted the great Marshalls in the early 1990s because he refused to… sell!

The reason is his Jan Glassman. A veteran goalkeeper for many years, he played between 1978 and 1995 for Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Tours, Valenciennes and Mombasa.

When Marseille was on the rise, winning championship after championship from 1988 onwards, the 61-year-old Frenchman was playing for Valencia. the 1992the club from northern France secured promotion to Ligue 1, but their stay there would be short and full of backstory.

Fast forward to May 20, 1993. In the 36th round of the league, Valencia hosts leaders Marseille, a few days before facing Milan in the final in Munich. While all the Champions League matches were scheduled to be played on the 22nd, Marseille’s matches were moved two days earlier in order to better prepare for their historic date on the 26th.

to Bernard Tapie Of course, that was not enough. He wanted to make sure his team would be in good shape and was concerned that the unskilled, hard-hitting players at relegation-threatened Valencia could cause injuries.

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Somewhere in there the backstory begins. He was recruited Jean-Jacques Endely, which had been obtained from Nantes months before. The 27-year-old midfielder tried, along with the club’s technical director, to… Jean-Pierre Bernier“grills” two of his old teammates from the “Canaries” and one from Tours to go with the soft one in the match, so that Marseille can have as much rest as possible that will carry them in their arms with the fifth consecutive championship without much worry.

“Marseille offers us a deal.” I trust in Christophe Robert Zach Glassman, explaining how “They want us to take our foot off the gas and leave the game.”

The world champion with Argentina in 1986 also participated in this event. Jorge Burrosaga. At nine o’clock in the evening, Endely Woburn called to his side. “What is your chance of winning? One in ten? Would you rather lose with 200k in your pockets or zero?” asked Tabby’s right-hander, as Glassman was uncomfortable with his teammates giving him the OK to go ahead with the wrong deal.

While Robert and Burrosaga arrange to get half the money up front, with the former’s wife receiving it within the next hour, Glassman talks to his wife, Audrey. She shares his opinion that he should reveal what is happening.

“This is the real heroine. She was there when Glassman hesitated.” As one journalist reported at the time.

Indeed, the honest player informed his coach the next morning: Boro PrimoracHe treated it with skepticism, considering it likely to be a misleading move. Whatever the case, the story reached the management, and despite everything, it was decided to enter the starting lineup for both Robert and Burusaga.

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They reached the final and the best that Valencia’s roster had to show, against players like them Boksic, Desai, Barthez, Deschamps, Feller, Pele and Anglooma.

The match started with Marseille opening the scoring in the 21st minute through the Croatian. Two minutes later, Robert was flagged down by Di Mico and called for a change, Confusing even judgmentBecause the mistake was not cruel at all.

In fact, Jean-Marie Vinell would admit it too “I was impressed that Mr Burusaga was not protesting against any of my decisions. In fact, he was asking his colleagues who did this to stop.”

Meanwhile, Glassman was running up and down, as if trying to prove something…

At the end of the first half, the Frenchman approached the referee and dropped the bomb…Vignel immediately informed Marseille captain Didier Deschamps, explaining how he would be scored on the scoresheet.

The match ended 1-0 in favor of Olympic, and Glassman revealed to the cameras what happened without naming anyone.

Valencia would be relegated and Marseille would win the league and Champions League. But the French League Cup will slip through her hands.

You see, when the confetti fell from Marseille’s celebrations of two titles in a matter of days, Judicial proceedings began. After Glassman testified, Robert pleaded guilty before prosecutor Eric de Montgolfier, pointing to the spot in his aunt’s garden where He buried 250 thousand francs.

Tapie claimed the money was a loan to the player to open a restaurant, as authorities raided OM’s offices and interrogated twelve members of the team. Entele and Burnett revealed the truth and were arrested, as was RobertWhile his wife admitted that she had received the money.

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By the summer, Bernay had left Olimpico, and things became serious for the club in September 1993. When The title of champion was taken from Marseille And canceling its participation in the next Champions League!

The great team that had set the Velodrome on fire in previous years began to disintegrate with the departure of Boksic, Desaje and Pele.

The following season saw Marseille finish second but were punished with relegation after going through a whirlwind of rapid developments.

Tapie was forced to resign and the team hit rock bottom amidst difficulties, as the relegation penalty also sent Deschamps, Boly, Villers, Angloma, De Micko and Bogosian to other clubs, inside and outside France (mainly). The great Marseille team, which reached the top of Europe, no longer exists.

At the same time, Indele, Borusaga and Robert will be banned from football, but they will all return after their suspensions and play out their professional careers for a few more years.

As for Glassman? He followed Valencia to the French second division and left after a year, retiring after one season with Mombasa. He faced difficulty, receiving death threats, apparently from aggrieved Marseille friends, and going so far as to seek police protection. Finally the story satisfied him. To this day, after all these years, he can sleep with a clear conscience. He destroyed one of the greatest French teams in history, but he had every right to do so…

“I didn’t change the world, I just did what was consistent with my values.”In his words…

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