December 6, 2023

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This applies to Ioannidis, Pavlidis and Eintracht Frankfurt

This applies to Ioannidis, Pavlidis and Eintracht Frankfurt

After inductive speculation about Fotis Ioannidis’ involvement in the search for a striker from Eintracht, to the recent resumption of reports that the German club is interested in a January move for Vangelis Pavlidis, Sport24 records the current situation of the Greek strikers.

A few days ago, German newspaper Kicker republished SPORT24’s revelation about the overall scouting of Stuttgart’s Fotis Ioannidis and the presence of the Panathinaikos striker on the Swabians’ list to replace Sirchos Djerassi, when their African top scorer is sold. , ending with an inductive guess, including Eintracht Frankfurt as a scenario.

The inductive speculation that, quite simply, came about when the summer sale at the end of the transfer window for Kolo Mwani left a hole in the roster that the German club wants to fill in the upcoming transfer window. They have (a lot of) money to do so, so would likely be interested in the Panathinaikos striker.

In midweek, another German outlet came to the fore again, the report initially published last month that Eintracht would move in January to sign two strikers – and not one – whose options included another Greek, Vangelis Pavlidis.

According to his information Sport24Eintracht’s involvement with Greece this year arose exclusively for PAOK scouts thanks to the two teams’ joint participation in the Conference League group. Anyway, in our opinion, the German club has not always seen much, something that has been limited since last April, when the last time the only player involved with them (even at this level) was examined at that time. Inbum Hwang.

It is also worth noting that the official who called for sneaky “looks” (here and there) at the Greek League, has not been present in Eintracht’s organizational chart since the summer.

It goes without saying that, especially in the last two months, there is no scouting department in Europe that does not know of/been informed of Ioannidis’ actions. However, this, especially for Frankfurt and especially at the present time, does not prove useful, not even on the basis of inductive speculation.

As for Pavlidis. The agency representing the Greek international fanatic is German, his time in the Bundesliga is great – in any case – it makes sense and then his ‘joining up’ with any German team looking for a striker, especially since Eintracht can also meet Alkmaar’s demands of up to 20.0 million euros.

But in this case, Pauli was not informed of anything directly from Frankfurt (which happened, for example, last summer in time for Stuttgart’s interest at the time), while in addition – and in the press – he was not told His intention. Nor for her Alkmaar He will be sold in the next transfer window.

Alkmaar does not want this for competitive reasons, Pavlidis for practical reasons, since the summer will enter the final year of his contract, so he will be able to “impose” preferences and positions more easily (if necessary), without the last incidents of the year and unpleasant surprises, such as, e.g. Milan’s offer was rejected.