July 14, 2024

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“The ridiculousness of the Greek national team made the football players train in the mud.”

“The ridiculousness of the Greek national team made the football players train in the mud.”

The president of Super League 1, Vangelis Marinakis, made new “statements” to the EPO, regarding what is happening in the Greek national team, but also in the case of the team manager and the referees.

In his letter to the EPO, Marinakis spoke of “cynicism” in the national football team and the federation’s insulting practices in a series of serious cases.

Letter from Vangelis Marinakis


Marking no. 59th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Patent Office, I am compelled to address you again even though I realize that the words addressed to all of you in the management of the European Patent Office have no value.

Once again, I consider it unacceptable to discuss topics that are raised without an introduction or relevant documentation, as is the case (for example) in Topics 17, 19 or 25.

Unfortunately, there is no area in football where you do not deteriorate with your practices.

For months we have been watching the antics unfolding around the national team. First, the disastrous failure of the football players’ cards for which no one was held accountable, and as a result our national team will lead into a match against the French national team tomorrow without its main players. Subsequently, we gained international fame for the country by holding national team matches in stadiums – stadiums that also caused discontent among rival footballers. Instead of asking for an apology in the face of this outcry, you had a lot of weirdos asking them to change. I set up a friendly team in an uncrowded, unsanctioned stadium and had footballers (laughing at you) playing in the major European leagues training in the mud.

That’s how much you love the national team. We’re in danger of being swept up in the world with the training center scandal, where you once again choose what your boss tells you (Marcopoulos) when there are better solutions (Elliniko).

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Recently, we are also following the dispute regarding the case of Mr. Boyett’s assistant, who has been unable to pay his wages (!) for almost a year. How was this man hired and by what system so that you could not pay him? Is announcing the “refusal” of the appointed master to issue a VAT number enough to close the issue?

The only thing that matters to you is the presentation in today’s meeting (secretly) in Topic 6 of the appointment of Vassilis Dimitriadis as manager of the Al-Amal National Team (!!!)). I read in the minutes of the National Teams Committee (Item 8) that you shared with us, “The National Teams Committee recommends appointing a technical director for the Al-Amal national team.” As for his remuneration, the President of the EPO and the CEO are empowered to determine the amount.” In order for the President and CEO to be able to determine (only) the amount of the team manager’s remuneration and not to find the person also, I have already found him. Are you ashamed to write the name K. Dimitriadis? And with what Criteria Was he selected and with what qualifications? Were other candidates sought or considered? Maybe the criterion was that he was unemployed and you had to accommodate him somewhere as your real boss, the owner of AEK, asked you to do. Another person needed a rest, as happened before with The many minions, lovers, lazy people, incompetents and others for whom we pay salaries as high as professional football with the money we pay at the EPO.

We are invited in Clause 19 to discuss and decide as the Executive Committee whether to recognize or not to nominate Member No. 11 of the statute. Who is this member? There is no relevant suggestion. Has the work been previously done by the legal service? Is there any related suggestion? Do we know what its system is, and if it fulfills the conditions of Sharia, how was it established? No update. At the same time, we as a Union and as members of the Executive Committee receive threats of lawsuits from another Union that must register as a member of the European Patent Office based on court decisions that the Union refuses to implement.

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You invite us to discuss Topic 21 “Reconstitution of the EPO Standing Committees”. Obviously you are referring to recycling people because these committees are nothing more than the sum of their members, which is what the executive committee might become. The phenomena of its operation in decorative terms and in absolute contempt for the statute or laws are continuous and repetitive. This is why you insist on working without operating regulations, and why there are no operating regulations and permanent committees. For this reason you do not notify the relevant Minister of Sport of the regulations issued by the Federation as required by Law 2725/1999, which should have already led to the dismissal of the Executive Committee, but the competent bodies of the GGA and possibly the European Office Governance and Compliance Oversight Committee. Patents have more serious things to do than deal with observing the laws of the Greek state.
You are once again putting it up for discussion as Topic 25 “KED Issues” without even the slightest suggestion about it. What are these topics? Is it about professional football? If so, did you raise it for discussion at the Professional Football Committee and when? Unless the purpose and purpose of these matters are personal “arrangements.”

A few days ago, the works of the current arbitrator, Mr. A. Kamaris, were burned with an incendiary device. Also, a few days ago, former referee Mr. J. Cominis publicly stated in an interview that after a particular match he officiated several years ago, he received threats against his pregnant wife, even while he was still an active referee. That is, the threatened referee was still managing and directing the league matches.
In the face of these phenomena, instead of taking charge, the new main referee (?) K. Freudfeld wanders with the caravan. The European Patent Office is content with press releases and its president is whistling indifferently, as he always does.

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There is nothing you can do without football leading to humiliation. As for you, they are: very young and very submissive. And so it will remain.

Responsibility and complicity in what is happening so dramatically in Greek football is now borne by the non-existent and disappeared government which, unfortunately, is not indifferent: this situation and the tolerance it shows is clearly its own desire.

The country’s government does not want to purge Greek football because this serves it as well as its friends. For this reason, he chose an invisible person as the minister responsible for sports, who had nothing to do with sports and would not offer anything to it.

Finally, for my part, I reserve all the legal rights of the cooperative against any decision that conflicts with the provisions of the law and the statute and may harm the interests of Superleague 1.

Super League President 1
Evangelos Marinakis”