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From ‘The Maestro’ to ‘The Bachelor’: Greek action moves to Netflix

Katrina Theodoropoulou

05/27/2023 06:05

It was November 8, 2022 when the series was announced.Musical band leader” for him Christophoros Papakaliatis Enter Netflix. «I hold Maestro very close to my heart and I am deeply honored and thrilled that this story will be transmitted around the world via Netflix. I am looking forward to this tripChristophoros said in his first announcement after the good news.

Six months later, with Filming the second season The production of fantasy literature began to travel around the world and managed to attract millions of fans. It’s no coincidence, after all, that “Maestro in Blue,” as is the international title on the catwalk, was at the top of the list. The series is popular all over the world.

Christophoros Papakaliatis seems to have paved the way for Greek literature on the popular platform. In the past few days, two more Greek productions have crossed the “threshold” of Netflix, making the Greeks feel proud and giving hope for the future of the Greek market. These are the three movies.Bachelor’sWith the announcement made by the production company, Showtime Productions itself, as she wrote on the official social media account: “Our favorite ‘The Bachelor’ will be on Netflix from June 1.”

At the same time, the dramatic film “Dear SmyrnaDirected by Grigoris Karatinakis and written by Mimi Denisis, based on the play of the same name by the latter, debuts on the famous catwalk with high expectations.

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What you need to know about “Bachelor’s»

In 2016, the first film was shown on the big screen, directed by Antonis Sotiropoulos and written by Rinas Rigas. the Yannis Tsimitsilis, Nikos Vourliotis, Thanassis Visskadorakis and Apostolis Totsikas, playing four close friends, Antonios, Tzimis, Reno and Sakis respectively, who organize a bachelor party in Thessaloniki for the wedding of Antonios (Yannis Tsimitsilis), which ends, however, in a fiasco with the intervention of his father-in-law. And a previous relationship with what he found in Thessaloniki.

The film’s sequel, The Bachelor 2, opened in theaters one year later on December 25, 2017. This was followed by the third film in the series, The Bachelor 3, on December 25, 2018, as well as The Black Bachelor 4 » on December 9, 2021.

As for the main plot, Katerina (Katerina Geronicolo) is preparing to marry her lover, Antony (Yannis Tsimitsilis), despite the objections of her father, Aristides (Yannis Zoganilis), who does not agree with this decision. As a pre-wedding gift, Katerina reunites Antonis with his three best friends, Jimmy (Nikos Vorliotis), Reno (Thanasis Visskadorakis), and Saki (Apostolis Toutsikas). They are preparing an unforgettable farewell party for him in Thessaloniki. But on their journey there, their father-in-law Antonius follows them without realizing it. Upon their arrival in Thessaloniki, Antonis accidentally meets an ex-relationship of his, Errika (Tonia Sotiropoulou), whose manner of breaking up with her the day before giving pan-Greek speeches leads her to want revenge on Antonius and his company. . Combined with the nefarious plans of his father-in-law, the outcome of the wedding seems particularly dubious.

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How was entry?Bachelor’s” In the Netflix

the Pantelis Kalatzis from Showtime Productions, movie production company, He spoke a few days ago to Newsbomb.gr and Georgina Doxey for background and details on the deal. “We started communicating with Netflix about five months agoHe said, continuing:There is an agreement and common line with Netflix to do things together here in Greece, on a production level. There, we also displayed our catalog».

«Netflix intended to open up Greece as it did other European countries, putting blockbusters in its catalog. The three Bachelor films are among the most commercial in Greece, in terms of comedy the most commercial of the decade and that is why it made sense to start with films like The Bachelor as it were.“, pointed out.

Details of the movie “Dear Smyrna”

Directed by Grigoris Karatinakis and screenplay Mimis DenisThe film is based on the play of the same name by the great lady of stage and television, which is about the destruction of Izmir in 1922 and follows a high-society Greek woman in Izmir in the early 20th century. The film was shot in Lesvos, Chios, Athens, Piraeus and Faliro. movie budget exceeded 4 million euroswhich is a fact As the most expensive production of Greek cinema.

A re-edited version of the film was released at the end of May 2022, with the length reduced by 20 minutes. Mimi Denisis, Leonidas Kakouris, Burak Kaki, Kratyros Katsoulis, Katerina Geronicolo, Yannis Vogiatzis, Tamila Kolieva, Anastasia Pantoussi, He retained the main roles with it worth noting that the film will also be shown in cinemas abroad.

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What about financial rewards?

Christophoros Papakaliatis spoke about the pay part, explaining in an interview: “There was no money left, it all went into production costs, shooting days, and salaries. I paid by MEGA. And you know why I explain all this? Because personally in this business, as in the previous ones, I went out and knocked on doors and asked people for a favor, to support us without financial compensation.

I don’t want to give the impression that Netflix gave away crazy millions, because that’s unfair and untrue. I am, I believe, the man who knows exactly how ‘The Maestro’ was made, and I confess it was made with great pains – as now».

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