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From Vatopedi to… the double hammer (photos)

From Vatopedi to… the double hammer (photos)

Two auctions to an equal number Corporate and personal property Bring back to the fore the person who became known in the past of her case Vatopedi Monastery.

It’s about him Athanasius Babistas Which he claims to have been He played a leadership role through his company “Anthemias” In purchasing the monastery’s plots of land in the period 2006-2007.

As for the case that dominated the news, it is worth noting that two parliamentary investigation committees were established, and finally in 2017, the fourteen involved were acquitted by justice. But it seems that the adventures did not end there for the businessman.

So, starting this spring A large commercial property belonging to Development Real Estate SA has been targeted for auction. In Thessaloniki. It should be noted that the administration of the company was assigned by interim order of the Single Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki, while its headquarters are located at the same address as “Anthemias”.

Commercial real estate in Cordelio

The commercial property in Cordelio was seized for €300,000 and put up for auction on September 20, 2023, prompting Piraeus Bank (as representative of bond lenders to “Anaptixiaki Akiniton SA” and in this case “Vega III NPL Finance DAC”) with a starting price of €600,000. Auction Canceled due to lack of bidders and on December 13, 2023 The iteration will become with the starting value It has been reduced to 480,000 euros.

It is a private building, with specialized uses, rented by the Forensic Medicine Department (Ministry of Justice) and includes the Forensic Medicine Department’s morgue. The property is located in The southern part of the unplanned area of ​​the Cordelius settlement, Evosmos-Kordilio Municipality, Thessaloniki.

lhaveA road on an asphalt country road starting from the Thessaloniki-Edisses National Road and ending at the main Ponto Street, At the height of the EKO strainer is approx. It is about 500 vertical meters away from the axis of the inner ring road of Thessaloniki.

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According to the evaluation report, the property, due to its fully specialized use, is a historical building for the area that hosts many professional activities in the western edge of the urban complex of Thessaloniki.

In particular, the proximity to Egnatia Odos, the inner ring road axis, the urban complex of Thessaloniki and BIPE in Sindos.has made the area a popular location for commercial real estate development.

It is an area without slope, The shape of the parallelogram is approximately rectangular, the total area is 5,582 square meters. The plot in question is even and buildable. During the autopsy It was found that in the greater part it was formed by APaving and other gentle gardening techniques. In addition, the property is surrounded by a chain link fence and an automatic vehicle entry gate. Finally, on the front of the property there is also an intersection prepared for the entry and exit of vehicles.

Today, the property has been converted into a two-storey building with a basement and a roof consisting of a workshop area on the ground floor and a two-storey office section with a basement, with a total area of ​​1,283.58 square metres. More specifically, it is of traditional construction, with a reinforced concrete frame, Glued glass brick cladding and concrete panel cladding with acceptable ceiling.

Internally, it consists of:

The ground floor is laboratories with an area of ​​492.66 square meters. Which is developed in connection with the three-storey office section and is configured internally in the main use areas of the facility. In particular, it includes two individual morgue rooms, an additional reception area, cold rooms, a radiology study room, offices, sanitary areas and auxiliary areas of the facility (dressing rooms and kitchen).

The office section consists of three floors with a total area of ​​790.92 square meters. Which includes a basement of 193.96 square metres. With separate storage – additional spaces, ground floor area 298.48 square meters. With office spaces, entrances, reception, sanitary facilities, laboratory and a first floor of 298.48 square meters with separate office spaces, sanitary facilities and other additional spaces.

Small apartment in Agios Athanasios

the The second auction is directed against Athanasios Babistas, “another resident of Marmaros Epanomi Thessaloniki whose residence is actually unknown.”, as mentioned previously, concerns a small four-storey apartment in Agios Athanasios Pella. It is also scheduled for December 13, 2023, with Intrum acceleration and a first-offer price of €231,000.

According to the assessment report, Agios Athanasios is a mountain village of the Pella Regional Unit at a very short distance from the border between Greece and North Macedonia. It was built at an altitude of 1200 meters on the slopes of Mount Kaemktsalan. It was distinguished A traditional settlement in 1992 and it belongs to the municipality of Edessa (30 km from Edessa and 120 km from Thessaloniki). As mentioned, it is developing rapidly in terms of tourism due to its proximity to the Kaimaktsalan ski resort.

The area in which the property is located is located in the southwestern part of the settlement Ancient Agios Athanasios is 810 meters from the church of the same name and 610 meters from the central square of the settlement.. The area is characterized by being sparsely built, as it includes one- and two-story stone-built houses.

The property was built on a plot of land with an area of ​​6,125 square meters, and consists of:

  • Basement-ground floor with an area of ​​53.58 square meters. According to the building permit, this part is located in the basement and is used as a storeroom. In the current situation due to the height difference it is the ground floor of the road leading to the residence and the basement of the back side of the building while it is being used as a residence.
  • Ground floor area: 129 square metres. This is an arbitrary building for residential use.
  • first floor. It consists of a residence with an area of ​​45.08 square meters. The accommodation area is 89.39 square metres. Which was created arbitrarily.
  • The second floor area is 31.25 square meters. Which has a residential use and is arbitrary.
  • Third floor, area 31 square metres. Which has a residential use and is arbitrary. The year 2004 is considered the year of manufacture.
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The building frame is made of reinforced concrete and the exterior masonry is made of optical brick with stone coating. The roof frame is wooden covered with tiles. The build quality of the building’s exterior is usual for the time.

It is noted that Maisonette apartment consisting of four floors with a total area of ​​379.30 square meters. The initial estimate of its market value was 281,254.74 euros (741.51 euros/sqm). However, deducting the cost of settlement of unlicensed construction in accordance with Law 4495/2017 on Unlicensed Construction, amounting to approximately 50,000 euros, the final market value and initial price are 231,254.74 euros with rounding to 231,000 euros.

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