July 23, 2024

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Fuel light is on – how many miles do I have left?

Fuel light is on – how many miles do I have left?

At some point, there comes a time when we run out of gas and the relevant light comes on on the dashboard and tells us about it. But how many kilometers can we do this?

Being on the highway with the fuel light on and being several kilometers from your destination and more importantly from the gas station is not the best thing that can happen to a traveler.

the Proper planning of the route we will travel, which means that we plan the stops we will make to refuel, this will save us from unnecessary stress and at the same time, we will also certainly avoid the situation of calling roadside assistance to fill the tank with fuel. fuel.

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And from there now, In any new or old car there is a special system (electronic in newer cars) Which measures the fuel level and warns the driver by turning on the appropriate light when the level drops below a certain limit.

This fuel limit varies depending on the car and its size. It starts from about 5.5 liters and goes up to 10 liters. There are of course also some cases of large cars with high consumption and fast performance where the bulb is It can be lit with 20-30 liters remaining in the tank.

Now as for the question of how many kilometers can I drive, it depends on many factors and of course, if the light comes on and we are far from a gas station, We should slow down and drive a little more economically until we reach the gas station.

As a general rule and depending on the car, you should calculate that with light on you can travel from 50-60 to 100-130 kilometers.

However, we repeat that in this case you should drive as economically as possible. Relieve pressure on the accelerator pedal, Significantly reduce the speed at which you travel to less than 100 km/hIf possible, choose traffic-free routes (stopping and starting increases consumption) and be careful with air conditioning. With a little caution, you will reach the gas station to continue your journey…

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