December 7, 2022

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Fuel Prices: Desperate! The price of unleaded is rising again – Newsbomb – News

prices fuel Gasoline is once again more expensive than diesel

The week started with Diesel price drop and increase gasoline. The An unprecedented phenomenon of Greek data, That the retail price of motor oil exceeds the retail price of unleaded has begun to correct.

Talking to Newsbomb.grPresident of the Greek Petroleum Traders Association (OBE) Michael Kiyosreferring to the sharp rise in prices in the liquid fuel market.

The lead free she is the one “rise” while its price Diesel is declining From the historically high levels it has been in since the beginning of October and the removal of diesel subsidies. “The price of diesel has decreased somewhat, keeping a difference of about 0.10 euros over unleaded, and it is close to about 2 euros. On the other hand the price of gasoline has gone up, we are talking about legal fuel. Gasoline is expected to become more expensive. For diesel, We expect to see how it will move. Bring back diesel subsidies to help the world.”

Around heating oil The Michael Kiyos He stated that he was satisfied with the number Request #%s data Circumstances. Cuts by oil companies along with government subsidies for heating oil seem to have increased consumer interest despite the fact that the final price is still higher than last year. “Global demand for heating oil is active, and consumers – mainly in northern Greece – have placed their orders from the first two weeks of the 25 per cent government subsidy in place. Today is also the last day for Greek oils to be subsidized.”

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Heating oil: up to 7 minutes from tomorrow, November 1

Heating oil will be sold at a higher price of 7 cents per liter starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1. EL.PE discount. The day ends and the price of oil returns to the previous data.

Specifically, before the EL.PE discount. The selling price of the oil was 1.44 euros per liter, and with the discount, it was reduced to 1.37 euros per liter.

Maria Zaga: Citizens come to fill a barrel

For her part, the head of the petrol station owners in Attica said: Maria Zaga Speaking Monday morning on Sky TV, he said they are waiting for support at the pump, as he confirmed “From tomorrow heating oil will be more expensive.”

Citizens come to fill the barrel. Difficult. They come to fill the tank a little, that’s the reality.” . said Maria Zaga.

Diesel support back

It is noteworthy that several weeks ago, government officials left the door open to the possibility of support in diesel pump to return, Recognition of high diesel prices as a serious problem affecting households and businesses.

Last week the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from her step Parliament In the context of his answer to the question of the leader of the official opposition, Alexis Tsipras In fact, he realized that the new diesel increase was a real problem, noting, however, that it was not a Greek phenomenon but a global one.

“Let’s discuss realistic solutions to deal with the problem. You are right that the diesel increase has an impact on the supply chain. We are measuring our capabilities and we will see if we can announce something for the diesel engine as well.”

The decision to reinstate support has been “frozen”.

The Government financial staff Therefore, it seems that he has measured the capabilities of the public treasury and according to the information, the return of support is now “locked” and is expected to be announced immediately.

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The Even support is expected to be ‘exaggerated’ Compared to the 15 cents it was until October 1, when it was canceled, it looks like it will be between 20 and 25 cents a liter.

The most likely date for support to return is from November 1, which of course leaves a day for government announcements.

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