May 25, 2024

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Future dog: He can dance ballet and skateboard (Video)

Future dog: He can dance ballet and skateboard (Video)

Two years after introducing the original CyberDog to compete with Boston Dynamics Spots, Xiaomi has taken a huge leap forward with the CyberDog 2.

In a look into the future that combines technological superiority and the Creative innovationChinese tech giant Xiaomi He presented his latest miracle, w Cyberdog 2. This cutting-edge robot dog is not just a simple machine, it’s an amazing ballet that dances and shows off the strides made in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Two years after the original version was released Cyberdog To compete with the Boston Dynamics Spots, the Xiaomi Take a giant leap forward with Cyberdog 2. This upgraded model features increased intelligence and an incredibly lifelike quality that sets it apart from its predecessor.

The days of mechanical ruggedness are long gone. the Cyberdog 2 It bears a striking resemblance to its living counterparts, and draws inspiration particularly from the breed’s elegance Doberman, with charming adorable ears that are sure to melt hearts. Its four-legged shape is meticulously designed to mimic the grace and agility of a companion dog.

One of the most noticeable improvements is its size and weight. It weighs only 8.9 kg Cyberdog 2 It is significantly lighter and more compact than the previous model, reduced by 40%. However, this decrease in size did not harm its capabilities. The robot has gained the ability to perform a range of amazing maneuvers such as somersaults and ballet steps. Its capability even extends to skiing, highlighting the versatility of its design.

But the wonders don’t stop at simple physical agility. Xiaomi engineers have awarded software Cyberdog 2 With a more advanced sensor and decision-making system. Featuring an array of 19 sensors for vision, touch, and hearing, the robot marvel is the epitome of precision and control. It is about 35 cm high, and the dynamic balance system ensures that it can navigate various terrains and challenges without compromising stability.

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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of it Cyberdog 2 It is self-learning artificial intelligence. the Xiaomi It equipped the wonder robots with an artificial intelligence system that studied an impressive number of the 30,000 robotic dog models produced. This comprehensive learning process allows CyberDog 2 to simulate the behavior and interactions of a purebred canine companion, further bridging the gap between machine and pet.

CyberDog 2 is priced at $1,800.