July 14, 2024

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Galaxy Ring: Samsung’s smart ring launched – and here’s its final price

Galaxy Ring: Samsung’s smart ring launched – and here’s its final price

Behind the Galaxy Fold 6 and Galaxy Flip 6 during their new release Galaxy is not packed The show was held today in Paris, France. Samsung Also presented Galaxy RingSamsung has officially taken its first step into the smart ring market!

This new wearable device aims to provide more discreet monitoring of the wearer’s health and fitness, setting it apart from more visible devices like smartwatches and fitness bands that many may not want to wear all the time.

The Galaxy Ring price, which we heard a lot about before its official unveiling, finally starts at $399The ring will be available. In nine different sizesThose interested will also be able to order size sets online, to see which size fits them best, before making a purchase.

Designed to be stylish and discreet, the ring is available in black, silver and gold. Samsung promises up to seven days of battery life, depending on the ring size, with smaller sizes offering around five days.

In terms of technology, the Galaxy Ring will be equipped with various advanced sensors that allow it to monitor the wearer’s sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing, movement, and changes in skin temperature. It also features alerts for unusual changes in heart rate, automatic exercise detection, and inactivity reminders. Samsung’s Galaxy AI platform aggregates this data into Power Score, a numerical representation from 0 to 100 of the user’s overall health and fitness. The platform also offers AI-powered health tips to help users improve their metrics.

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Samsung’s entry into the smart ring market also makes it the largest tech company in the space, which has been relatively small compared to the smartphone market. Competitors like Oura and Fitbit offer similar products, but Samsung’s entry could change the dynamics of the market. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Apple may also be exploring the possibility of developing its own smart ring.

This is the official product introduction video: