April 13, 2024

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'Gate 13' proposal: 'Reach the final in Harilao'

'Gate 13' proposal: 'Reach the final in Harilao'

“Thyra 13” announced, after criticizing the government and the EPO, that it proposes to hold the final match at the Aris headquarters with fans of both teams.

In an unusual measure for the Greek conditions proposal for the Greek conditions, it announced, this afternoon, Thursday, “Gate 13».

His organized followers Panathenaiko So, seeing the chaos that reigns once again at the venue for its finals cupThey asked him for this big game MarsTo be held at the “Yellow” headquarters in the presence of fans of both teams, as happened in 2010 when the “Greens” used awaka As a headquarters.

Advertisement in detail…

Another final is around the corner, and once again we find ourselves spectators of the same play.

At first with laughter which eventually turns into sadness, watching everything that happens and since it concerns us directly we can remind you.

In another effort on our part, and based on the movement of the masses, we hosted the Mars World in 2022 in Aljada without doing the slightest thing. Not even the slightest thing happened in the Alexandrou Basketball Cup Final in 2017 for the Cup Final seat.

Since you don't remember or pretend you don't remember and since you don't deserve all these years, allow us to help you further.

The world of Panathinaikos is not concerned with its inability to implement the provisions of the declarations it issues, nor with the government's inability to implement new measures while announcing new measures.

But we are here to say the following:
The cup final should be played by the people!!!
What is simpler and what is more clear!

It is time to get rid of everything that has insulted us and continues to insult us, so if you do not like all the other solutions, we suggest the following:

Final in Charilao!
With people from both groups like in 2010 when we had OAKA as our headquarters.

We don't care about the place wherever it is, we'll make it a street!

P.C1 Next time we make your life easier, make a relevant thank you announcement.

PS2 The problem is not with the fans, in the stadiums, in the cities, the problem is with you!