April 24, 2024

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Panathinaikos has its own geokeris, named Ioannidis

Panathinaikos has its own geokeris, named Ioannidis

Lambros Palavas writes about Fotis Ioannidis, who changed the derby with AEK when he pressed…the turbo and looked like Sporting's Gyokeris, the defense of Panathinaikos and the missing intensity in the “Enos” match.

Those of you who follow the Panathinaikos report closely will be informed of Sporting's interest in Fotis Ioannidis, with the Portuguese side seeing the Greek striker as a replacement for Victor Geukeris, who is unlikely to stay in Lisbon, even though he has a contract until 2028.

The Swede, from last year's England Championship, is having an unimaginable year with the 'Lions' this year (36 goals in 41 games in all competitions) and has attracted the big clubs, willing to put tens of millions at their feet to make him theirs.

Sporting might want to keep him, but in modern football… the money talks and the pressure on the 26-year-old would be enormous. For this reason, the potential Portuguese duo wants to have a solution ready, in case they part ways with their star. Fotis Ioannidis has a lot in common with Gyukiris, and personally, I no longer have any doubts: last night (3/4), I saw him on the avenue… I saw him… the Swedish Sporting star wearing green and almost winning AEK himself.

When Fotis pressed…Turbo

I do not underestimate the effort of the rest of the Panathinaikos players, but the one who got eliminated in the Leoforos derby was Fotis Ioannidis. He hit… Turbo, he likes the formula after all.

The two goals that changed the match did not come from any combination, nor were they the result of coordinated pressure, which took the AEK defense out of… its comfort zone. They were two personal robberies by the 24-year-old attacker in Mokodi.

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The first continued with a free kick taken alone, in which Athanasiades initially intervened, but the ball then reached Pacasita to equalize. Before the celebrations of the 1-1 draw died down, Ioannidis exposed Moukoudi again, this time sweeping the ball over the Union keeper in a way that top players do (Gyokeris among them, lest we forget) and lifting Avenue to his leg.

The great merit of this football player is constant improvement. Last year he was with the same strength, speed and good dribbling, but this year he added quality features to his game, and finished the stages much better, which requires hard work.

Sons of Green Defense

Having stated the obvious for the great derby champion, let's look at the implications of the result. Panathinaikos declared the winner… staying in the title fight, any other result… would put them out of the target.

A slow first 20 minutes gave way to a dynamic counter-attack until half-time. In the replay, Terim decided to pull the entire team back, wanting to nullify the threat and keep the score 2-1. In a defensive position, he played in a 6-3-1 formation, which “shrinked” the pitch, cutting off AEK's big asset, which was speed in the area.

Some may call it outdated, but the Turkish technician did the job and from where he was pressed on the ropes and received criticism, he came out again into… the foam and gave new hopes for the title.

Lost intensity of AEK

Three days ago, AEK beat Olympiacos, much more than they deserved based on their performance. Yesterday he did not get anything, was not convinced, and lost the derby after 17 matches. fair enough. I think about Almeida's team last year and there are big differences. I forgot about the 'high pressure', the intensity that was all the rage then and now has nothing to do with it, it's as if most footballers have dropped their gear.

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The big problem is the axis, as there are areas with large gaps at such a critical point. Szymanski, Johnson, Pineda and Mandalos had run out of ideas. I expected it and noticed it, a rise after the exit from Europe and the Cup, but it did not happen, at least as I was thinking. The long season may also play a role, I remind you of the summer qualifying process.

Yesterday's defeat puts additional pressure on the derby at home with PAOK, which sits alone at the top at this time. If AEK continue the good tradition they had in recent matches as a home team against Lucescu's side, then yes, they could become the favorites again.

There are many ups and downs for all teams and each match brings surprises and new data. The agenda may change again on Sunday night, it tends to become a habit…