April 24, 2024

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“Sorry for the goal we received by mistake, I didn’t expect so much love these years.”

“Sorry for the goal we received by mistake, I didn’t expect so much love these years.”


Huancar, after apologizing on camera for his mistake that led to AEK's 1-0 win, broke down in tears as he spoke of the 100 matches he completed during his four years in the tournament.

Panathinaikos beat AEK 2-1 in a surprise match for the third match of the Super League qualifiers in a match in which Juancar completed 100 league appearances in the triple jersey.

The Spaniard, in his comments after the end of the match on COSMOTE TV, cried in front of the camera when asked about the years he spent in Greece and the Clover.

Huancar apologized for the mistake that led to AEK's goal, and spoke about Panathinaikos' reaction and the shock win (2-1), while scowling at the camera.

“I want to apologize, because the goal we conceded was a mistake on my part. I didn't calculate the path of the ball well, I was short… These things happen in football. I would like to apologise.”

It was a match of great intensity and speed. “We keep winning, sometimes it doesn't matter if you play good football or not, but what is important is to win and get the three points.”

On how difficult it is to overcome the defeat against PAOK:

“Football is like that. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If we sit there worrying about what's happening, we won't have the motivation to win tonight's game. That's football and we'll keep moving forward.”

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When asked about completing 100 league matches with Panathinaikos, if he expected that, the Spanish full-back laughed and said:

“When I came here 4 years ago, I did not expect to have this experience. I always said that here I feel happy, we have achieved important things. Above all, the love of the world that I have received and given to me has made me so generous. “My family and I are very happy. “I didn't do that. I can't say anything more than thank you very much.”