November 28, 2023

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Gate 7: “What you knew is over, if you dare to continue” (Image) – Football

Gate 7: “What you knew is over, if you dare to continue” (Image) – Football

We saw all of this, today (9/28), in the matches of Asteras Tripoli – Panathinaikos and AEK – Atromitos, in the sixth round of the Stockseman Super League. The champions in “Kolokotronis” and “Obaparina”, respectively, Evangelou and Papadopoulos, who generously awarded three points to the “Green” and “Yellow-Black” teams, with tragic whistles!

With Thyra 7 sending a message of anger across social media. Specifically, the Olympiacos fans wrote: “In last year’s tournament, we tolerated your massacres and ups and downs, because the team did not inspire us.

But what I knew…

They are finished!

We’re not submissive, like the fake fans of your teams, bosses!

Port 7 never backs down when they’re right!

The cup of injustice has overflowed!

“And we pledge, if you dare, to continue to belittle the intelligence of the Olympic world.”

Watch the ad:


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