February 26, 2024

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General Indicator – Positive climate in Europe and the United States took off with Aegean Airlines to its highest levels in 10 years

General Indicator – Positive climate in Europe and the United States took off with Aegean Airlines to its highest levels in 10 years

The general index on the Athens Stock Exchange closed today at its highest levels in 10 years, while the climate in major European markets is also particularly positive, while indices on Wall Street achieved a positive opening.

The general index of the AX index closed at its highest levels today at 1,362.05 points, rising by 0.66%, and the trading value reached 100.2 million euros.

Throughout the session, the general index moved in positive territory and within a generally narrow price range. More specifically, the high was 1,362.91 units and the low was 1,354.58 units, meaning it moved in a range of only 8 units.

The FTSE index rose by 0.60% to close at 791.95 points, while the FTSEEM index closed at 2414.31 points, up by 0.85%.

The banking index closed slightly higher by 0.12% to 1,144.16 points. National Bank shares rose by 0.21%, Alpha Bank shares rose by 0.31%, while Piraeus Bank shares closed with losses of 0.29%, and Eurobank shares remained unchanged.

Aegean set the market trend today with a 3.52% jump and $1 million turnover, with Titans following closely behind with new historic highs of €23.2 and a 2.65% rise, while index heavyweights OTE and OPAP strengthened by 2, 15% and 2.06% respectively. With a circulation figure of 5.2 million for the first and 4.1 million for the second.

Mytileneos reached new historical levels close to 40 euros, at 39.46 euros, with an increase of 0.66 and a turnover of 9.5 million in light of the results it announces tomorrow, and PPC added 0.32% with 9.1 million one day after the Investor Day in London.

Limited sell orders on the FTSE focused on EYDAP down 2.16% and Lambda down 1.2% on sales of 1.3 million while Quest fell 0.9%.

In the medium capitalization, Fourlis achieved a significant increase of 4.1% with a value of transactions amounting to 1.3 million, Intracom recorded gains of 2.27% with a value of 1.2 million, Entersoft rose by 2.59%, Dimand by 1.94%, and HEXAE by 1.28%, while the company lost Epsilon. 1.05%.

Among the smaller capitalization stocks, Lavipharm stood out with a 7.3% jump with sales of €487,000, while Alpha Astika Akinita followed with a 7.1% gain with €100,000.

In Europe, the DAX index in Frankfurt rose by 1.49%, the CAC 40 index in Paris rose by 0.81%, the FTSE 100 index in London rose by 0.56%, and the European STOXX 50 index rose by 2.07%.

Also on a positive note, all three major stock market indexes opened in New York, the Dow Jones index just below 38,000 points, up 0.21% while the S&P 500 rose 0.63% and sets a new historic record for the third session in a row while the technology Nasdaq rises. 1.08%

In the commodities market, oil is rising after initial losses, while gold is in negative territory, meaning that Brent gains 0.49% and is at $79.94, and a barrel of American crude gains 0.77% and is at $74.94 per barrel, while gold declines to $2016.35 per ounce. With a loss of 0.48%.