March 4, 2024

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Georges Bougris: They told me to go to Survivor and I asked for two million euros

Georges Bougris: They told me to go to Survivor and I asked for two million euros

“I can’t immerse myself in all that Greek television is immersed in,” explains Giorgos Pogris.

Giorgos Bogris gave a full interview to Nancy Paradisano and her YouTube channel. Among other things, in fact, the well-known basketball player indicated the proposal he accepted to be in Santo Domingo and Survivor as well as … complex journalists.

In particular, Giorgos Pogris characteristically noted that “I was never far from journalists, I was generally very open-minded and I am also very journalistic. That is, I should give you infinite bread if you know what to ask, I just think most people don’t have Fiction at all and the questions very trivial. That is, it is something you would expect to be done to you. I’ve done countless interviews and I think I’ve found chemistry with three or four people. The Greek press has a disadvantage, because they always try to make a joke about the click, they don’t have Fantasy and not great at all. Most of them are complicated and try to nail the plot.”

“I can’t do anything on television, I can’t immerse myself in everything that Greek television indulges in. That is, reality shows and so on.”

“I was told to go to Survivor and I asked for 2 million euros! Well if they gave me 2 million I don’t know if I would go. I can’t say no but debauchery is normal. Once I told them they froze they didn’t expect it and I think they understood that I said no I tell them in a slightly sarcastic way,” Giorgos Pogris also added in his new interview.

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